The Rolling Stones were the talk of LA before Saturday when they had a secret concert scheduled at the Echoplex club in Echo Park, which holds only 700 people. First come-first served tickets were sold at the El Rey theater during the same day for $20 apiece with strings attached. Everyone in line with an I.D. could only buy ONE ticket and they were photographed and given a wrist band for entry. No cameras or cellphones allowed. Needless to say the line was humongous. The concert was amazing, but the BIG news was the fact that Johnny Depp, 49, and his Rum Diary costar Amber Heard, 27, were there holding hands right out in the open. Looks like a serious romance since they’ve been discreetly fooling around a couple of years now….


  1. It makes one realize that most of these Hollywood marriages seem to have everything from the outside (fame, wealth, beautiful homes, health, travel, influence, etc) but when you look closer at the relationship there is also betrayal and no respect, no trust, and that brings resentment, anger, bitterness, lonliness, all the things money cannot take away. I think if he really was fooling around and his wife knew about it that meant all those premiere we saw them at was just for publicity, his image. I think I would feel so sad that I’d rather divorce and hope I find love some where else if I’m lucky. What does that say about this girl? The same will happen to her or next time he will be the one cheated on.

  2. @Justine – preaching morality here? give urself a break, bitch. How do u know skeletal death looking Vanessa didnt leave him first. And after all these years Im sure he wants to feel a real woman next to him instead of a baf of bones…. And btw, retard, they have never been married, Johnny&Vanessa….

  3. @Just a Fan – ure nothing but a dumbass. Why u keep blaming Amber? Between Johnny and Vanessa there was nothing since long, they stayed together for the sake of their children, which is stupid of course. Whats ur problem in fact?

  4. Yes he is dating a lesbian. The sex must be non-existent. I’m sure she is not fond of his smoke breath and yellow teeth either.

  5. Maybe she can talk him into doing something about those brown teeth of his. Yuck!

  6. Johnny Dipp trades them in when they reach 30, so Amber has three years. Dipp isnt’ aging well either. He needs to get his teeth fixed. Notice how he never smiles with his teeth showing?

  7. @XYZ Why not crawl back in your abuse woman hating hole creep. Everyone has a right to their opinion. You spew nothing but vile hatred to other posters which is a simple sign of your own loserness. Get back on your Meds Strom/XYZ or whatever your whack job mind is calling yourself at this moment!

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