John Travolta has been trying to make it up to his wife Kelly Preston after she was embarrassed by all those masseur sex charges against him last summer. She’s been upset about her lagging career, so John found a Scientologist who would write a pilot for her to star in. A lot of money was spent to put together “Keep Calm and Karey On,” and half the people involved in filming the pilot were Scientologists. The OTHER half – non-scientologists- were reportedly uncomfortable on the set and felt the pressure and influence of Scientology.- especially when John paid a surprise visit. After all that, ABC didn’t pick up the show, so now John is back in the doghouse with Kelly.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Career Comeback???

    Hard to believe she had one in the first place.

    Anyone know what shade of shoe polish JT uses on his rug?

  2. She must be a better actor than I gave her credit for because she has managed to “act” that she has a normal relationship” with Johnny girl. As long as they are both ok with it, great. As far as her having a career, get real.

  3. She was never a good actress, this is a waste of time. Poor Ella, she really needs to get a nutritionist, she is much too heavy for a young girl

  4. Travolta family facts:

    We all know John wears a toupee and has several of them, which he regularly switches up.

    He is sooo totally gay, not up for discussion

    Ella is only 13, but already fighting the battle of the bulge, as her pappy has had to do off and on over the years. But hey, what can you do when you are living La Dolce Vita.

    Kelly Preston was never a great actress, and must have gotten jobs via the casing couch. Maybe John wants her to be busy with a career so he can see his boyfriends undetected.

    And that’s my take today on the Travoltas. ta da.

  5. He reminds me of Eddie Munster with that “hair” of his.

    Another case of all the money in the world and they STILL come out of their house looking so very odd.

    And, the daughter has a pretty face but she is a large-marge. They better start working on the weight now or she will be a house at 21.

    Oh well, they are the Travoltas, after all. Rules dont apply to them…

  6. Looks like Kelly stays with him for all the perks she gets — unfortunately, that wouldn’t be enough for most women. She is a good actress in “real” life. Is this supposed to be a pic of a happy family?

  7. his hair always looks like a black cap is on his head. Cut way to close to the scalp.

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