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“Cat Woman” and plastic surgery addict Jocelyn Wildenstein still has the same boyfriend after all these years – designer Lloyd Klein. He designs all of Jocelyn’s clothes and she finances his couture salon in West Hollywood. Friends wonder who actually calls the shots in this relationship – she has the money, but Lloyd seems to make most of Jocelyn’s decisions for her. They were photographed leaving BOA steakhouse.



  1. Wa la, exhibit A
    Only Jews will do that chick for money.
    Woody Allen should have had this Guy in his movie with Tuturrtu. What ever how u spell his name.

  2. I refuse to believe this man can have an orgasme with her(it), folks!!

  3. He is obviously gay and this woman is a freak. How can she possibly think she looks good? Seriously! Something is shockingly wrong with a woman who just keeps doing this to herself.

  4. They look like happy co-dependents. Heck, if it works, it works. 🙂

  5. Ah! True love. It does the heart good to see a couple made for each other.

  6. It looks like that she’s had some surgery to return herself to something more normal.

  7. She is painful to look at–not to mention how uncomfortable all that stretched facial skin must feel to her! 🙁

    Him? Lucky girl who found a patron with deep pockets.

  8. I hate to say it because of how unfortunate she looks after spending all that money, but her mouth area looks like Jack Nicholson’s Joker from Batman.

  9. I think he is the boss , this guy Lloyd Klein was published in Fortune Magazine among the 100 most successful businessman in America lol

  10. These two need to have “keep away from open flame” stamped on their foreheads.

  11. You guys are really weirdos , get a life !!! or be nice … what s your point ? YOU LOOK LIKE BUNCH OF RETARDED FAT GUYS FILLED WITH CHIPS , depressed and hiding behind a computer hahahaha , sorry but i m retarted too but never mean !

  12. You people behind computers … How do you look ? Uglier and i guess broke with no money if that s all you have to do , comment on other people lol

  13. Poor Sonia, unable mentally to speak to the thread, but happily playing Hall Monitor to the posters.

    As mentioned, Jocelyn is a Freak Show and Lloyd is not much better. He is busy down at the Yid Deli each morning with Larry King, Barry Weiss, and Fred $$$$Goldman! Each brag about what they have.

  14. Poor poor Sonia….you may not enjoy the taste of it but try at least to comment on the thread instead of the posters!

    Jocelyn’s plastic work should be shown to every person who wants to change their looks. Doc’s get rich, patients turn into freaks!

  15. Awe Sonia, not being mean. You can’t possibly really believe that Jocelyn’s plastic surgery results are anything less than freakish. She serves as a cautionary warning when it comes to messing with Mother Nature.

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