We’re still in shock over the loss of Joan Rivers and a source revealed to us exactly what procedure she had done in the clinic before she died. Joan had Botox injected into her vocal chords so her voice would be less hoarse and raspy. (Joan always had trouble with her voice – she never went anywhere without throat lozenges.) It’s apparently a common and minor procedure and generally requires only local anesthesia. This information only makes her death more mysterious. Ironically, Joan made thousands of jokes about Botox during her career.

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  1. Interesting, so it was a vanity procedure.
    No clinic or hospital would cater to an 81 year old for that procedure in Canada.
    I’m surprised a clinic in the states would get away with propofoling an 81 year old for what should be a Mexican only procedure.
    Joan was tempting the big sleep and it got her.

  2. I believe propofol is a very good anaesthesia but must be used properly and in hospital. I cannot understand Michael Jackson using it at home for sleeping purposes (and his doctor administering it!) or in a clinic. As for Joan Rivers, she was 81 years old and still working full time. She could have had a stroke or heart attack at any time. It happens to people way younger than her and no one bats an eye. Yes, hers happened in a clinic but maybe it would have happened anyway, even if she wasn’t having a procedure.

  3. If you ask google the question? You will find.
    Yes, invasive surgery for patients over 80 is more likely to kill them than the reason they are having the surgery.
    The human brain after a certain age cannot fight off the intense assault of anaesthetics like it could in the younger years.
    And when you sign for the procedure. You don’t grease the way for successful litigation in the event of the bio units failure.
    Perhaps Joan had a pathological condition which precluded her ability to understand the boundaries of certain things.

  4. what complete rubbish. Let her rest in peace .This blog is disgusting .

  5. @ Kerry Louise though I agree with you to let her rest in peace, but maybe this can be a lesson to those who are obsessed with too much cosmetic surgery.

    If this story is true, how sad. It wasn’t like she had to have a deadly cancer or something removed.

  6. She knew she could go at any time and joked about death all of the time. As for Botox – it’s POISON, follks. I think she was tempting fate as well, but she also knew exactly what she was doing.

  7. Joan had a pre-existing heart condition. Her age and heart condition just caught up with her when she was put under.

  8. this is bullshit. botox paralyzes areas. why use it on vocal cords which vibrate??

  9. ur all making up scenarios which aren’t true. Let’s wait for the test results. She was in perfect shape the day before and I’m sure she wouldn’t have submitted to treatments that she knew were dangerous.

  10. Botox is used for a lot of things now, the mfg’ers actually have ads for it for migraines! Living in the area I live, I know a lot of people, men and women, who use it. I never have and never will. (I keep my face looking good by doing face exercises.) I cannot understand putting poison in your body, no matter how safe they think it is, there are no long term studies for this stuff. The people that use it look so odd, and it does really weird things to skin.

    It is sad that she passed, but not heartbreaking. She lived a very long, full and exciting life and lived to be 81. We should all be so lucky. She was taking her life in her hands every time she had an unnecessary procedure and she had a lot. She wasn’t stupid either, she must have known the risks.

    To Kerry Louise, I couldn’t disagree more with your ridiculous post. This is exactly the kind of information that people need to have. Maybe it will stop someone from their botox mania.

  11. Surprisingly (?) Jay Leno continued the tradition of Johnny Carson by banning Joan Rivers from the Tonight Show.

  12. It was the anesthesia that got her sadly. She was 81 and had pre-existing heart condition. She should have been admitted to a hospital not an out-patient clinic.

  13. Millionaire/Billionaire Doris Duke also died not long after cosmetic surgery; she was never the same after undergoing anaesthesia–in a procedure that NO REPUTABLE DOCTOR would have ever performed on a woman her age (like JR, she was in her eighties).

    But she found one. Harry Glassman, MD of Beverly Hills (and former husband of Victoria Principal).

    Surprise. Harry was also named an executor of Duke’s estate–and had been the beneficiary of her dementia/generosity many times over.

    Patrick is spot-on about this.

  14. She’s moved on… Wonder what her daughter is going to do? Fill her shoes ? As, I’ll bet she probably had a ton of shoes and yet her daughter looks like a natural in flip flops or shower shoes.

  15. You have to admit she had a great career… And she didn’t hang herself.
    Though, she probably dangled from a thread or a cheap microphone cord.

    Because all comedians are suppose to jump… Like out on a crowd, like rock musicians. As, some how everybody catches them and shoves them off on their neighbor standing next to them. Hence, they break the fall.

    Think of how John Candy died. Holed up in a fancy hotel all alone in Chicago, as he should of stayed at the “Hi Hostel” and acted like a look alike or a guide who shows all those foreign students where they ought go for a good time.

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