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At one time Joan Rivers admitted that she lived like Marie Antoinette “if she had money!” Her penthouse condo in NY was almost beyond belief. One Christmas in the early 90’s while we were appearing on her daytime talk show, we received an invitation to her Christmas party. We were thrilled and staggered when we walked into her building. Her condo was the most opulent place imaginable. Gold everywhere. Joan wanted to be a part of high society. It was like being in a museum. Not our streamlined taste, but nevertheless fascinating. We remember Phil Spector was playing the piano (yes THAT Phil Spector) He was dating Joan’s assistant/friend at that time and he got very drunk and obstreperous. We pulled Joan aside and pointed out that he was not good boyfriend material for her friend. When we aimed at camera at Joan’s ceiling (painted to look like a sky) she scolded us and said “No photos!” We wondered why. The extravagant condo has been on the market for 29.5 million for several years without selling- maybe that’s why Joan worked so hard all the time. Click HERE to see more amazing photos.

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  1. In her movie “Joan Rivers-a piece of work” she tells that she loves living expensively so she works to pay for it. As long as she is paying her own bills, who cares.

  2. I can’t believe anybody would want to date that animal Phil Spector! At least he didn’t pull his gun on anybody that night.

    Joan worked very hard and earned every penny after being left broke by her husband when he killed himself.

  3. Yes, watch “Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work.” I fell even more in love with her when I learned that she paid school tuition for all of her employees’ kids, and even sent them to college; that was in the film. A mensch. She also worked ALL of the time! W/out her late husband to slow Rivers’ down, she became a whirlwind of energy on so many levels!

  4. Have to agree, Joan earned all that she had. Can’t knock someone who’s worked all their life.

  5. I would feel like I couldn’t breathe in that place, too stuffy and overdone for me

  6. Who wants to live to be 100? Do we think Joan would have wanted to get very old, slow down, and become unable to perform? She lived a full life. Checking out while she was on top would have been the way she wanted it, if you ask me. She was a good and decent person and the documentary about her life is excellent. If you haven’t seen it, you should. It is available for streaming on netflix.

  7. Where did she live at? As let me guess, as that sort of look something what Donald Trump would sell her. Lots of solid wood on the walls and some gold looking furniture. And probably the only thing missing is a real fireplace… So as to burn that wood come a long winter.

    It’s a bit like all those tall condo towers along Lake Michigan, in the winter can you imagine how cool that balony must be. The wind chill alone would be brutal… Course, they’re all down in Miami for the winter.

  8. Joan had the money to pay the heating bills for the place. As I recall, the apt. was a miserable dump, and Joan rehabbed the entire place.

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