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Jim Carrey definitely had a valentine this year – he’s still hot n’ heavy with Anastasia Vitkina. She’s a Russian born student at NYU and they’re pictured here returning to the Trump Soho Hotel at the end of Valentine’s Day. Jim, 49, knows how to keep his young girlfriend happy – took her shopping at the Stella McCartney store in Soho and bought her an expensive gold form-fitting dress. Afterward, they went out for a romantic dinner. Most “college girls” are lucky to get a bunch of Valentine roses…



  1. A Russian Girlfriend? Ha ha, look out Jim, she’ll be the next Oksana Grigorieva . Maybe he can ring up Mel Gibson for advice on Russians.

  2. In this pic this lady resembles Jim’s ex-wife, Lauren Holly. The one that took about 20 mil off him in their divorce settlement. Interestingly enough, it seemed to me that he never got over that split.

    I agree with you Palermo, she badly needs a hair rescue makeover!

  3. He is weird and not funny and she is ugly with that big forhead of hers.

  4. Hanging with Jenny McCarthy for 5 years and dealing non-stop with her autistic kid turned his brain into mush.

  5. “……dealing non-stop with her autistic kid turned his brain into mush.”

    Dang Indy. You can be rough. You worry me sometimes kid.

    I am fan of both Carrey (I have a lot of respect for his immense talent.) and McCarthy who is both funny and sexy.

    I think she hinted that Carrey may have had some mood issues or at least that is how I understood it. You mention her autistic child as if he is uncontrollable. The child never struck me as non-stop problem child.

  6. CHRISTINE INDIA…. I have a seven year old Grandchild who is Autistic, non verbal, just getting toilet trained, but is a loving awesome little boy. He is my heart’s delight, and is the light of my life. Dealing with him has opened my heart and mind to so many possibilities that lay beneath his disability, He is physically beutiful, as well as being beautiful of heart and soul. Please educate yourself on the disabilities that impact the lives of innocent children and grow a heart. Whats up with the hard people on this site?

  7. Strom… BTW… His mother, my DIL, is an RN, and a tireless dedicated Mom to him, and my other two grandkids, She is funny and sweet, works hard, a good nurse and Mom, a good housekeeper, good to my son,and to me.They have been together since Junior high school, an are now 34 AND 35, a GOOD SITUATION ALL THE WAY AROUND… and she is black!!!! ha ha ha ha ha !BLACK YOU WORM!

  8. My friend’s nephew has autism and despite special classes, schoools, etc., he caused 3 families to clash constantly, even causing a divorce. Course he couldn’t help it that he was born this way. Also about 4 years ago, a very wealthy couple temporarily took in an autistic 17 year old boy. When he was denied keys to the car, he went into a rage and stabbed and almost killed the lady.

    I have heard Miss McCarthy state that the reason for their break up was “perhaps too much for Jim to continue on with us”. I forget where I heard her say it but guarantee I heard it. So, whatever it’s worth, that’s my experience with autism.

  9. My Grandson is docile and sweet. He is no problem at all, unless there is a lot of noise, He then covers his ears, and paces. Other than that, no problems like outbursts or misbehavior. He likes to play quietly with books, which he likes to flip throgh, his dinosaues, and cars, He could watch Disney Pixar movies all day.Austistic kids are all different just like every kid

  10. All the male stars are buying…opps…DATING “russian” ladies. Seems like a whole lot of hookers these days!

  11. Indy, you must have had a stroke or something because you are getting more and more outrageously offensive lately. I thought you passed yourself off as a “Christian” and are they supposed to love thy neighbors as thyselves? How about “Do unto others…?” There are many more quotes from YOUR dearly treasured tome that I could quote, but apparently it would fall on tone deaf ears. As stated above, go educate yourself my dear. Much like the boils-for-brains-Strom you are heading downhill faster and faster lately. TRY to be a positive role model for the “Christian set” why don’t you, just I am do for the Atheist set?

    I am all-inclusive, accept EVERYBODY, don’t give a shit who sleeps/screws whom, and always hope for the best for others, OTHER THAN for Strom (OF COURSE) who I wish I could personally strip the skin off in one inch strips…slowly…and hang them by clothespins in front of his bulging frog eyes on the electric wire he keeps around his place to keep all the “negras” outa his place.

    Let’s see what “color” HE is under the “skin”…bet he bleeds red just like everybody else. And betcha he wouldn’t turn down a heart, kidney, or liver donation from a “BLACK” if it meant saving his worthless piece of shit “life.” (And what a waste of a perfectly good organ THAT would be!)

    Too bad he can’t get a BRAIN transplant! Now, THAT I’d stand on the sidelines and cheer loudly for!!! Let’s take up a collection! Who’s in for a “BLACK” brain for strom?

    PS: quit being so stupid Indy. Go meet some autistic children, or watch a program on them, not hard to find. They are NOT all that different. Your kind of thinking harkens back to the 1950’s and caused a lot of pain for many children that were treated as outcast for being “different”. Bullying today even causing suicide by many youngster because of their differences, and this is amongst their peers. YOU are a grown woman, and should know better, should have learned a few things by now. Educate yourself if you don’t know something before you stick your foot in your mouth. My opinion of you is going downhill rapidly.

  12. PSS: on the “subject” of Jim’s girlfriend, I agree, she’s not all that attractive with that humongous piece of real estate above her eyebrows. Every now and then you see somebody with this type of hairline, and I have to just be thankful I was not born with mine like that. Maybe Jim could offer her hair transplants from the back of her head to fix it if she indeed has an issue wit it herself, but it doesn’t look like she does. She looks healthily adjusted in fact and not overly made up like the Hollywood gals. I don’t care for that ultra curly hair either, but if it’s her natural hair and she doesn’t want to straighten it, more power to her. Just glad I don’t have to try to drag a brush thru a mop like that every day myself.

    I do bet tho that she has a razor sharp wit and sparkling personality if he’s interested in her because he is very intelligent and talented. I hope he finds happiness. He deserves it so much for all the happiness he has given the world with hisw immense talents going way back to In Living Color where he stole the whole show with his various recurring characters. He really was something we had never seen before on TV, and always went full blast, all out for each segment. They should replay those. You know, Jennifer Lopez got her start on that show too as a background dancer. Can’t remember what they called them right now, but she sure didn’t look like brilliant star material then, at least to me.

  13. @ Palermo,
    First time greeting!!
    I hear ya!!
    Haven’t Noticed a “LIVING LARGE FOREHEAD” like that since old reruns featuring Sylvester and TWEETYBIRD!!

  14. I hope that Anastasia Vitkina never wanders onto this website and reads your hateful comments. She can’t help or control what you think might be wrong with her.

    Don’t you think it is out of line when you critize someone for something that they were born with and have no control over???

    It’s a good thing that young women don’t have problems with body image.

  15. @ Walt Cliff,
    Where is the Love??
    Of course, by Now this young woman has got to know that she is a Look-a-like for Tweety Bird
    in the forehead department. We all have flaws,
    I am still trying to figure out what mine is!!

  16. I CANNOT believe my comment (7th one down) was misunderstood. I have the greatest sympathy for any disabled child, autistic or anything. What I meant was this: I hope everyone knows that Jim is sensitive, used to his own way, sulky, etc. That said, I believe he was just unable to see his life forevermore with jenny and the boy. Jim has to be handled with kid gloves (BTW, I love, love love his comedic talent). Anyhoo, the words “brain turned to mush” had nothing to do with berating an autistic kid. But think of it this way: does he not know that this very young girl is only after his money and he is only interested in an affair (so far). So if no one believes this ranting, believe me, I don’t care. 🙁

  17. Lettuce: Yes, Fly Girl, that was it. Had it stuck on the end of my tongue and couldn’t get it off.

    Indy: My suggestion to you after reading your “head-in-sand” answer to the posters who were appalled by your comment is this:

    GO back and read your remark 20, or 30 times if that’s how many times it takes for it to sink in what the ACTUAL words you WROTE were. What you left behind in your BRAIN don’t count, of course, in this excercise, so try to refrain from urping them up in self-defense again, and JUST READ YOUR POST. 20-30 TIMES AND PERHAPS THEN YOU’LL GET IT. MAYBE.

  18. Leo, my friend, I have two lovely great grand daughters that assured me that negative comments about the lady’s forehead would probably make her cry and want to change her hair style.

  19. @ Walt Cliff,
    I don’t mind being called out for a lesson in enlightenment. I will Never refer to Ace Ventura’s
    sweetheart again as having a LARGE FOREHEAD THAT REMINDS ME OF TWEETYBIRD!!
    I will Never again refer to Jim Carrey sweetheart as having a Global sized forehead. It was Not Nice of me to tell the truth about that Massive Umbrella that shield her from the rain. Please forgive me for being so insensitive, considering the fact that Jim probably has Never Noticed that dome.
    In all seriously, it is always good to hear from you and in thinking of your precious great granddaughters, I am signing off on this topic. Until Next time Walt Cliff!!

  20. I’ve always admired Carrey’s amazing comedic talents (from In Living Color to Liar, Liar) but he has battled severe mental depression for years.

    After seeing his video to Emma Stone (VERY weird & creepy) and now seeing him with this VERY young woman – isn’t she the same age as his DAUGHTER? I wonder if the mental problems are getting worse.

    He also seems to have a “thing” for really, really THIN women (and I’m not referring to lean and fit – just bones and skin). From Renee Z. to Jenny M. (she lost a LOT of weight while dating Jim) and now this Russian woman who looks terribly anorexic (personal and professional observation).

    Kudos to her for looking “natural” (high forehead and all) but has she digested a meal in recent months? What’s up with that Jim???

    Btw, I would think it would be a lot more challenging to hang out with him for any duration (and only eat 500 calories a day to please him) with the mental stuff, than to raise a loving child with autism!

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