She’s on track to sell a billion dollars worth of merchandise this year, but unlike most celebrities, expectant Jessica Simpson is doing her nursery on a budget. Jessica, currently appearing on “Fashion Star,” bought a crib she fell in love with at Target for $199 and when she brought it home, her fiance Eric Johnson had to put it together for her.



  1. I’m guessing she read the Complete Idiots Guide book of How to Teach your Chldren not to be Self-Centered, Mooches!!

  2. Building and assembling are 2 different things. Anyone can assemble ready made furniture. BTW if Jessica says she bought a crib at Target that’s a plug… for the life of me with her millions and her spending I do not believe she seriously shops at target. Plzzzz…

  3. I think the tabs are all nuts but Ill give them credit for being inventive. One tab says she has two cribs already & 30 security for birthing baby (already denied) so why not have ERIC build a crib.. lol.. the thing is Granpa Johnson might though as he is the tool carpentar house renovator guy. Does that work for ya.. lol

  4. I wish this idiot would just disappear like her sister-and take the Kartrashians with her!

  5. Kitty, she may have at one time come across as an “idiot’, but guessing by her current net worth and new show, which i watch and am impressed by her on, I’d say our little jessica may just be all grown up now and actually has learned how to USE that lump of grey matter between her ears. Give the girl a break and let her have some happiness. At least she’s not running around on drugs, driving drunk, showing her shaved naked beav getting out of cars…like all the OTHER “teen stars girls” of her generation. She NOT a vacuous airhead do-nothing like Paris Hilton, but Jessica actually WORKS! Imagine THAT! In THIS day and age!

    And hell, if she wants a Target crib, or even one from a garage sale, that’s HER business and I can only be happy for her. It sure beats the disgusting excesses of Beyonce and Jay-Z. I’ll take a seemingly “normal” mother to be anyday over that insanity! And leave her alone over her body too! She’s refreshingly NORMAL!

  6. Sure, she has made and is making tons of money (of which Eric is mighty glad), but did she have to pose nude and preggers on cover of Elle magazine.

  7. GO Reta.. whats wrong with posing nude. If she was the first pregnant woman to do so maybe then get a little excited.. Jessica is a normal pregnant woman sharing her experince as many women do. She is happy & excited. She says what many women think but won’t say.. Gotta love her realness.

  8. Eric gets credit for reading and following a diagram, and using a simple tool. That said, the only thing that separates Eric from the monkeys is the reading part. Jessica must have a heart of gold.

  9. Is he planning on getting a job or just mooching off of her for the rest of his life

  10. I thought Jessica was a good Christian girl. How did she get pregnant while unmarried? Isn’t this against her religion?

  11. so don’t expect any working braincells from her, folks!!

  12. To Palermo: The word mooching I think would apply here. His ex even said he was lazy and didn’t mind being a parasite. Looks like he hit the jackpot w/ the desperate Jessica. 🙁

    To John: I think she claims the title of Christian, but she doesn’t walk the walk. In fact she never has that I could see. 🙁

  13. She is rich (She doesn’t have to work another day in her life if she doesn’t want to.) , beautiful,healthy, happily pregnant and in love. This is such an incredibly happy time in her life. Plus, this is her very first child. Why not wish her well?

    I’m with Reta on this one. It doesn’t matter where she gets her baby furniture or how much it costs.

    Whether her boyfriend works or not doesn’t bother her or me. He seems to make her happy. Plus, if she does get tired of him, she is wealthy enough to make him disappear. lol

    I’m not a big fan of hers but I respect that she young,enthusiastic, new mom and she is clearly happy. That makes me feel good for her and wish her and her little child good blessings. As a great grandfather, this is how I feel.

  14. Who said I don’t wish her well, she’ll need all the good wishes she can get cause I think he’s a loser.

  15. just taking out the Bulldog(jessica) for a short walk to shit…..

  16. Excuse me, but I think Eric Johnson used to be a football player or some such thing. That was a JOB and I’m sure he STILL has money left from that. Also, we do NOT know what he does as far as other things go, investments, real estate, etc, so unless you KNOW shut the hell up and get off his back, he’s not a bum living in the streets swilling vino, okay?

    SHE loves him. That’s all that matters in HER life. SHE seems happy. I’m happy FOR her. SHE has her hands in all kinds of ventures (successful) and is laughing all the way to the bank people! Her new show is good, at least I like it, and the ratings are doing well. So, hmmmm, not so stupid Jess does it again while you jealous “Christians” tear her apart (love thy neighbor…)

    And I think her nude pregnant shot for the mag cover was beautiful, as was Demi Moore’s, who started the trend so many years ago. They have ALL been beautiful women in the height of joy and expectancy. Nothing critical was showing, no more so than a bathing suit, so quit being prudes (Indy)!

  17. Indy: does THIS ring a bell: “I think she claims the title of Christian, but she doesn’t walk the walk.” I rest my case!

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