Jessica Simpson used to buy extravagant gifts for her friends at places like Barneys, but things have changed. Her clothing and accessory collections aren’t selling quite as well as they have in the past, and her family is expanding, so she‘s cutting corners. Her friends have noted than nowadays Jessica pulls shoes or something from her own fashion lines that she doesn’t have to pay for, and gives them as gifts.

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  1. Good for her he has supported so many of them all in the past. Her income is just fine actually and she still is the celebrity line to beat. O one else comes close not even the K’s. Every buisness has a slump every now and then. She cant be doing too bad with a brand new home and two new vechicles. Lets remember she has been pregnant for two years and stepped back also.she has more then enough money to live for a life time. I would love to know where you get your figures from and please dont say Forbes. There info on Jessica is not accurate either and they have admitted here is a lot they dont know about her holdings

  2. On another note Jessica has for years given her girlfriends many of her clothes and shoes that is nothing new and many have openly thanked her. That of course is her true friends and not her wannabes or other celebs targeting her as competition and sourcing wrong info. I dont think Janet herself is a fan of Jessica looking at her past blogs and its usually snark not based on fact

  3. What’s wrong with giving from your own line of clothing or other product? A gift is a gift and she is smart to do it. I’d love to have a friend like Jessica when it comes to gift time.

  4. I think that’s known as being fiscally responsible. Good for you, Jessica.

  5. Wow, she looks dumb but if she is doing this she is smart. Why doesn’t her loser baby daddy get a job, is he going to mooch off her for life

  6. Add her along with other nit wits like Kimbo, Paris, Courtney S., that America has made into role models, celebrities and people to follow and worship.

    Where are the women of substance? There are plenty yet we continue to put these digilitants on a pedestal.

    She can give her used panties away and I wouldn’t care.

  7. If I had my own line that is exactly what I would be doing. I would wear it and I would make sure that my friends and family were wearing it too. Good for her.

  8. What a bunch of ingrates. Hey Jessica, you can gift me with anything from your line anytime.

  9. Good for Jessica! She’s a smart woman who spends less on everything when profits are down.

    What would you rather she do, spend her way into bankruptcy like so many other celebs? Then sell her sad story to the tabloids to drum up public sympathy for her?

    Go Jessica!

  10. Let me add, her clothing and accessories are cute and I wouldn’t mind receiving some as gifts.

  11. Or maybe it’s only the “friends” who go running to the tabloids who get these type of gifts?

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