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Nothing gets between eating-for-two Jessica Simpson and a good meal. Despite a windy rainstorm in LA, she and her fiance Eric Johnson lunched at the Boneyard Bistro in Sherman Oaks. The eatery specializes in barbecued ribs, fried mac and cheese, and Kobe beef chili filled donuts! Jessica’s filmy sari-style dress got soaked on the way back to the car but apparently it was worth it.


  1. she’s eating up to the last minute? What is that supposed to mean? do all other women not eat in the final weeks of pregnancy?

  2. LOL Cindy, I thought the same thing. She is purposely gaining more weight than she should because if a blind item is to be believed, she already inked a deal with a weight loss company. With the help of a tummy tuck, she will show off how well the plan “works”. We will see if the blind is right after the baby is born if she becomes the spokesperson for any of them.

  3. When diet programs use celebrities to sell their programs they should have them sign a public affidavit that they a) used the diet program and b) didn’t resort to surgical procedures such as a tummy tuck. Advertising has gotten so ridiculous with all the photoshopping, etc.–totally unfair to consumers.

  4. Most women are careful about what they wear on their feet when pregnant cause they’d hate to slip over and harm the baby. So why do we see Jessica in heels or wearing jandals in wet weather?

  5. This is a really sorry state of affairs. Obviously, what a pregnant woman eats affects the baby. Stuffing herself with everything southern fried is really sad and pathetic. Not to mention gestatiional diabetes. Jessica is dumber than she looks.

  6. I don’t think she could get any dumber. I’m as sick and disgusted by her as I am with the Kartrashians. Please give us all a break.

  7. Why does it seem she’s been pregnant for about two years now

    ….that’s why the slippers.

  9. What’s with all the fucking bashing? She’s a normal woman who just happens to be in the public eye while pregnant. Leave her the hell alone. this is where anorexia etc come from, public pressure to fit into a size “0”! That’s not NORMAL people and you know damn well the rest of us humans would have looked foolish at some point or another in OUR pregnancies if we were followed 24-7 by cameras!

    Frankly, the types that I’m sick of are the stick thin ones who barely raise a bump right until the end and within days look like they were never even pregnant.

    I gained 25 with my first, and 50 with my second due to a horrible pregnancy that had me in bed a lot and close to losing him. It took me a long time to get the weight off, but I did it. I didn’t have the whole world crawling down my throat about it and neither should she. The whole thing should be up to her. I’m happy for her and glad SHE”S happy, which she finally IS!

    As for “stupid”…all the way to the bank baby, all the way to the bank!

  10. Jessica seems like she’s been pregnant for two years because Beyonce was pregnant for about three months. It’s all relative.

  11. Very few women don’t eat whatever they want when there pregnant. Nothing wrong with that.

  12. She is having a real pregnancy. She is carrying a large baby. She is in love.

    I’m not a big fan of Simpson but the nasty bashing about her weight and pregnancy is just mean.

    She is carrying a new life for this world. Behave yourselves.

  13. Reta, the problem I have is not with her weight, rather the fact (that if she is the correct guess for the blind) she is getting a tummy tuck and lipo and claiming a weight loss company helped her get back in shape. That is fraud and that is what I have a problem with. That being said, she still has another month to go with this pregnancy I believe.

  14. Reta, you say to leave this unwed, fornicating heffer alone. That she’s just a normal woman yet you feel free to criticize a woman who is thin during pregnancy. Hypocrite much, dear?

    And of course your last thought is a real doozie. As long as the bank account is fat, being stupid is A OK. Because with your depth of thinking, money trumps all.

    With attitudes like yours, no wonder America is in such trouble.

  15. @ June
    Totally agree. People understand that drinking alcohol damages a fetus. Jessica obviously isnt just eating she is stuffing herself on junk food which is just as bad. She doesnt look big she looks toxic like her lymph system is backed up and she is bloated…there is a big difference. You can be large and still healthy, she doesnt look healthy. I thought her partner was a vegan, he should know better. Money cant buy you intelligence or health.

  16. Walt, You are always the voice of reason and gentility. COME FOR THE GOSSIP, STAY FOR THE WALT!

  17. All pregnant women gain weight differently. I remain amazed that her feet haven’t swollen up like hams. She appears to have dropped however so it shouldn’t be long now.

    An am I the only one completely grossed out by the reference to “Kobe beef chili filled donuts”. Ew, yuck! Of course Walt is probably googling for directions to the place. . .

  18. By Mary-Claire



    Denise, you scare me. lol Yes, I did look it up (seriously) and it looks out of this world tasty!!!

    We have to travel to California a couple of times a year (Santa Monica) to see family & friends. I will make it a point to eat there next time.

  19. Her baby daddy is by all accounts a lazy parasite who is nearly broke and always glad to live off someone. This was said by his ex, who even warned Jessica about him. Jess though has tons and tons of money so she will be supporting him for a time to come. You can bet if by chance there is a wedding, that papa Joe already has seen a lawyer to draw up an iron-clad prenup.

  20. I agree w/ Reta and Walt! Leave her alone — she’s in love and is looking like a NORMAL PREGNANT woman, not like Nicole Kidman or Beyonce. Gimme her break! And for all we know, she is not eating much of these fried foods — maybe this was a special treat for her? Or, maybe her fiance felt like going to this restaurant and she stuck to a salad? 🙂

  21. Ditto c.a. Another dumb blonde who love getting used and fucked like a dumb whore by a nobody. Same class like britteny Noone will fuck them unless they get paid.

  22. When you are broke and starving HAVE A BABY and SELL that BABY to the PRESS so you can shop all day for yourself!

    Yup, she’s a hogger whose overdoing it so she keeps her weight loss contract for longer…oh gosh like Kirstie Alley hasn’t proven something to us women already.

    Either way I wish I could afford to eat like that! I’m living off of Mr. Noodles and Peanut Butter sandwiches

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