We love this photo because there are two radically different levels of enthusiasm in the faces of Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren. The pair were photographed arriving at a friend’s wedding last weekend and taking part in it. Cash seems to be bursting with excitement while his beautiful wife seems not so sure…..

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  1. He’s probably thinking about his latest affair, of which Jessica seems totally unaware. Never ever seen a picture of her smiling.

  2. Indy, she is never smiling because, just before the pictures are taken someone asks what race she is. She is s**t confused – figuring that out is like doing advanced calculus.

  3. Say whatever you want about Jessica, but she is a very hot smoking piece of ass.

  4. She USED to be a hot, in-denial Latina. Funny she married a broke ass black playa type, like Scary Spice did.

  5. Isn’t that alot like the broke ass white playa type that Britney Spears married.

  6. I’m a fan of JA but she does seem to have a bug up her butt…always!

    In regards to her “race”, I think this girl has made clear her father Is Mexican American and her mother is European American.

  7. Lenny LOL yep I almost forgot about FED EX king of creepy celeb babydaddies!

    anonTwo … hate to say I used to read Perez, he outed her. It’s true, she was trying to ‘pass’ as anything but Latina but he wouldn’t let her and now she’s come to grips, sort of like Rachquel Welch did way back when.

  8. Can’t really understand why Alba would have an issue with being Latina; it has served J-Lo and Salma Hayek very well.

    And as a true mutt, I kinda resent people faking it.

  9. Pretty much EVERYBODY is a mute these days. If you were to trace family trees you’d find all sorts of things, blood lines, and interracial marraiges. Not to mention that ALL humans began in Africa. We need to get off our collective high horses about races and see eachother as equals by now…my GAWD it’s 2010, not the dark ages!

  10. No Reta, not everyone is a mutt.

    A dog is called a mutt when each of his parents and grandparents are a different breed. Purebred dogs are the result of creating mutts and then using the mutts with the most desirable traits as breeding stock, creating a new breed, and then inbreeding to re-enforce the desirable traits. No animal is pure in the most stunted sense, because both man and nature both mess around with genetics.

    Saying we are all mutts is both PC and very destructive, destructive because you are denying the uniqueness of each race, which – as a true mutt – I would say is one of the most special things on planet earth.

  11. P.S. defining different races, including different variations is not Dark Ages. It is the very opposite. I am not talking about racism or discrimination here, but classification (as in science). Saying, “Ah, what the hell! Who cares, because…” is an ultimate example of Dark Ages mentality.

  12. Truth is no one really knows who their grandfathers were screwing along time ago. strom mom might have dated and even sleep with many black or hispanic men he doesn’t know. He may even have a black brother or sister he doesn’t know about. The last person that cared this much was Hitler and we all know what he did.

  13. Of course her unhappiness in this photo could be explained by the really bad bridesmaid dress.

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