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Jim Carrey’s former sweetheart Jenny McCarthy flaunted a new boyfriend this weekend but didn’t tell anyone who he is. The pair started their night at Katsuya and ended up bar-hopping at several Hollywood clubs. Nothing too intimate or romantic. They finished up the eventful evening at a Santa Monica hotel.

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  1. Jenny will always be a raunchy kind of girl, one that is never without a man.

  2. I’ve heard she is a real good mother. My query is this: what is a “good mother” of a small, autistic yet, child, doing out bar hopping til all hours and then going to a hotel? I would certainly think her first priority would be to be at home watching over her child. I’ve also heard that her and her GOOD FREIND Chelsea Handler are pretty good booze buddies and love to swig the vodka. Chelsea brags about her vodka intake all the time on her show and even wrote a book about it called “Hello Vodka, It’s Me, Chelsea.

    PS…not too impressed with this new guy. He’s not attractive at all. Plus, she really needs to remember to do the upkeep on her hair. That black skunk stripe down the center is NOT attractive!

  3. Maybe the kid was with his daddy or a babysitter? She’s allowed to have a life. I’m just glad she survived her time with that maniac Carrey.

  4. Jim Carrey is definitely nuts. I think there was too much togetherness (living together?) I think that in the long run he couldn’t take on all the problems with her kid. And, she couldn’t take his continuous strangeness and craziness.

    I agree she needs to go out occasionally and let her hair down, but this dude looks scary.

  5. Opposites are suppose to attract. I mean, look at how goofy Jim looks.

    Course, you’d think he was out dating some Russian hottie about 23-24 years old from Toronto.

    And if was really smart he’d have two of them in his arms. But, he’d be sober and would be a gentleman with them. As they wild nympho’s in heat.

    As they don’t have any in Memphis or Paducah.

  6. FUNNY & IDIOTIC are equell to her………….

  7. I think after living with Jim Carrey for a number of years anyone would want to go out and let their hair down. Jim, has some real problems.

  8. I love Jim, and think he’s not “on” when at home and not on camera. Same with Robin Williams. He’s a PERFORMER people. That’s how he makes a living!

    I thought Jim and Jenny were a great match and they said so too when they were together. Her son did great having Jim around and Jenny even said that Jim got into helping with the boy’s issues and fighting with her for the “cause”. I don’t think the boy’s birth father is involved very much in his life. I got that impression from hearing her in an interview where she basically said that Jim parented him. It’s too bad for the boy that they broke up. I hope Jim keeps visiting the boy, for his sake.

  9. I’ll bet Jim was babysitting the kid. Course, wonder what Jim lady friends look like ?

  10. Yep, Jen is back in circulation alright. So are her soft porn pics and racy photos….still in wide circulation. Not sure if she posed for Playboy.

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