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Last night Jennifer Tilly was on Watch What Happens Live (with the fabulous Kathleen Turner) and she told host Andy Cohen a funny story about Woody Allen’s peculiar work habits. Jennifer was nominated for an Oscar for her role in Woody’s Bullets Over Broadway. She said that often when Woody hires actors for smaller roles, he changes his mind when he sees the dailies, hires someone else more suitable, and re-shoots without telling the first actor. Jennifer said it was embarrassing when the first actor would show up at the premier all dressed up with his family and when they saw the movie, he WASN’T in it – someone else was wearing his clothes and doing his lines! Jennifer said it even happened to HER once.


  1. Just another reason not to like the wormy incest-loving, little shit.

  2. I watched last night Jennifer was fun, KT has not aged well. She looks like a washed up ’80’s rocker.

  3. I always liked Kathleen Turner and feel sorry for her that she has crippling arthritis, for which she takes cortisone or prednisone, which causes her to gain weight.

  4. Indy, Wasn’t she a looker (soooo dang sexy) in the 80’s and 90’s? Rheumatoid arthritis is a horrible condition to suffer from. She certainly has had a run with it. She is lucky to be able to work at all at this point. I think she is in a remission state at this point. Bless her heart. I hope it never comes back. The drugs for this disease can and does create other disorders so it is like Russian Roulette taking them.

  5. Woody is such a creep. Yes, agree that Kathleen Turner was gorgeous in the 80’s. Prednisone destroys your looks to be sure.

  6. Sometimes people change there minds and she some one else better for the part but Woody Allen has the right to do what ever he wants? It is his story and film and has a right to do what is right for him? Movies tell a story and the right people putting it together works wonders but only time will tell?

  7. to Sir Justin Ross

    You are right, it is his movie and he is the director. Then he should grow some balls and tell the actor that he has changed his mind. Rather than pretending that nothing has changed. At least he is consistant. He does the same thing in his personal relationships. He didn’t tell Mia that she had been replaced by her daughter. What a jerk!!

  8. walt,

    I remember her in “the Man with Two Brains” with Steve Martin. She was gorgeous and at her best.

  9. Folks

    Predisone is in fact a hormone that predominantly affects the metabolism of carbohydrates and, to a lesser extent, fats and proteins (and has other effects).

    Glucocorticoids are naturally occurring in the outside portion (the cortex) of the adrenal gland and chemically classed as steroids.
    Cortisol is the major natural glucocorticoid.

    I have observed its use for a number of years in clinical settings, and would have say – that there are perhaps too many side effects and potential interactions to recommend its widespread use.

    Be careful out there, Strom you can take it ( just kidding )

  10. it’s the same thing with all paedophiles.

  11. In a mean way, it is kinda funny. I’m sure those people that this has happened to, probably pissed Woody off, by being typically difficult actors. A kind of way for Allen to force them to check their EGO’s!

    How sadistically hilarious. Woody probably fits behind a 2 way mirror and laughs his ass off! Sicko

  12. KT was an absolute stunner in “Body Heat” with William Hurt. How does prednisone or any other medication explain her mashed up nose? Maybe her raging alcoholism has something to do with her astounding weight gain..and that nose. Did she perhaps put her face through a windshield when drunk?

  13. I was on prednisone for a little while some years back — it DOES cause weight gain, and your hair also gets thinner and even falls out! It’s a steroid and pretty strong stuff.

  14. Jennifer is a good actress and she is really pretty and has great legs. This woman has worked so hard her whole life and really knows how to bring something to the table every time she makes a move in Holly wood. Happy that she picked a career that allows other people to share in her creative passions!

  15. Oh Jennifer! Woody? Really??

    I refuse to watch Woody Allen films ever since he sexually molested his adopted daughter and convinced her she’s in love with him.

    He’s a sick pig who should not be allowed to make films. And his films SUCK! Whine Whine Whine ‘oh Kiss!’ Whine Whine Whine THE END.

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