Not a lot of celebrities are showing up to protest for Black Lives Matter demonstrations – most of the ones that do are quite young and in a festive mood. But Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez turned up to march with the group on Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles. Certainly that tall guy behind Jennifer is a bodyguard, and you can bet there’s more than one keeping a close eye on the pair. The paparazzi that spotted them is to be congratulated (we wouldn’t have recognized them) – we don’t know if they WANTED to be noticed or not, but their gesture is meaningful.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


  1. These racist assholes want to defund the police but you can bet your bottom dollar that fat ass Jennifer has an ARMED bodyguard there to protect her.

  2. What a laugh!! JLO lol

  3. J Lo has had enough up and close relations with BLACK men to fit right in! But you can bet that their actions were well documented by her press people who sent out the pics to fawning pubs like JCH.

    Such a fake!

  4. Of course that fat assed media whore wanted to be noticed.she and the baseball cheater thrive on publicity

  5. Does anyone really believe they didn’t let the paparazzi know exactly where they were going to be?

  6. Good grief, Janet! These monsters tore your neighborhood apart, and now you’re lauding this as some great civil awakening? And don’t get me started on JLO and her addiction to attention. The men and women in law enforcement are WONDERFUL – they have the hardest job in the world, and get paid peanuts to do it. One bad apple in Minneapolis doesn’t mean every cop is bad. We need MORE police officers on the street, not less. Besides, it’s looking more and more like what happened between Floyd and Chauvin was a personal beef, nothing to do with color. The right to protest is guaranteed, so I have no problem with them doing it, but I do have a problem with people outside of the organization who support their radical, leftist agenda that has little to do with ending racism, and much more to do destroying traditional societal morals and values. Why, we’re not even allowed to express an opinion that differs from theirs – I see you, Drew Brees – talk about tyranny! Bl@ck lives matter, huh? Go ask them how they feel about the bl@ck lives of the millions of innocent babies that have been aborted. I promise, all you’ll hear is crickets.

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