Sharon Stone is not wasting time while she’s been social isolating with her two youngest sons in Beverly Hills. Sharon has been writing a book about her life called The Beauty of Living Twice – most likely the title reflects her almost dying of a stroke in 2001- she’s expects it to be published next year. She’s also been giving online advice to people frightened by the riots happening close to her. She advised everyone to find a “panic room” (preferably a bathroom) they can prepare and bolt if someone breaks into their house. We’re betting she has a rather fancy one herself.

Above, Sharon and her dog Bandit

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

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  1. I really hope her book has a chapter on her stroke, and the rest of the chapters are on her career. She’s always been a “my way or the highway” kind of woman, though, so she’s probably just going to do what she wants, knowing the book will get published because of her name. But names don’t = sales.

  2. Everything except ready to put some clothes on her pale body. Prude me much, but walking around naked in front of two sons should be higher priority on her bucket list. (she might as well be naked)

  3. Now THAT would be a good read–especially if she dishes on her lovelife. Who could forget when she likened her intimate time with Dwight Yoakum to “a dirt sandwich”!

    Coincidentally, we just finished the very slim memoir (many chapters are little more than a page long) of Val Kilmer. Turns out Daryl Hannah was the love of his life–but he dated EVERYONE in Hollywood–except, it seems, Ms. Stone.

    We think they’d be a great couple: same age, rollicking movie careers, and both have battled back from brushes with near-death.

    Plus, Val sounds wistful, and a little lonely. 🙁

    Call him, Sharon! 😀

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