Don’t think for a minute that it’s an accident that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt (with their respective mates) don’t run into each other at an award show. There are several award shows a week at this time of year and Brad and Jen are both in demand to add their star power to the events. They don’t communicate with each other, but their publicists MAKE SURE they never turn up at the same event and create an awkward situation. Since Brad is nominated for many awards, he takes precedence, and Jen will only appear at shows that he skips. It’s all carefully orchestrated so Jen and Justin Theroux were able to enjoy the DGA awards.


  1. Who really cares about Jennifer Aniston? I mean she will always be ‘the girl from TV’.

  2. I wouldn’t be avoiding bumping into him and his woman. After all Jennifer wasn’t the adulterer, he was. Let him feel as arkward as he should be feeling.

  3. It is amazing to me that after some ten years plus Brad and Angie still have to “dance ” around the manipulative and deceptive Jennifer who has somehow managed to convince the world taht she is the victim in this situation.I wonder when she will conclude that she has punished Brad and Angie sufficiently?

  4. Looking at the two of them, you’d never believe that Jennifer Anniston is 6 years older than Angelina. Angie looks like a wax statue of herself, and looks to be well into her forties.

  5. I am still trying to gigure out how, what, where and why the media, goverenment and establish,eny keep blowing farts on these people?!?!? She was or still on herione, coking, blood wearing, bisexuality, not doing anything, or even bring serious cash at the box office. She does nothing for the first weekend smash to be number one. She fucks other women’s husband and this is something to clap hands to, stomp feet and roll out the gold carpet!?

  6. How long are they going to play this idiotic game? Bump into each other and get it over with. Anyone else this stupid?

  7. Are these four people grownups or not? Good grief! I’m no huge Jennifer Aniston fan, but she should have the right to go anywhere she wants to, and if Brad and the oh so ugly Angelina are there too, BFD! I think Angelina would be crazy enough to make a scene, so maybe that should happen; let Brad see what she’s REALLY capable of. It might open his eyes.

  8. I have never been a fan of Jolie. There is something repulsive about her since she married Billy Bob Thornton. They just looked nasty and trashy together. Those two seemed to be a lot alike.

    Jolie Quote:
    ““If there was a safe way to drink his blood, I’d love to,” Jolie reportedly told Rolling Stone in 2001. “We’ve thought about it. You lay in bed and you just want to bite holes into each other. It’s not about cutting yourself or some kind of weird thing—now it’s just ‘I want to eat him.’”

    I have known people off and on for years that work behind the scenes that have nothing but kind words for Aniston. She is approachable and kind to others. She is rumored to like the occasional drink or a few hits off a joint. I can think of alot worse things she could do. I’ve never one time heard her pity herself in a interview. PEOPLE PERCEIVE that she should but I’ve never seen it a single interview where she was mean spirited or feeling sorry for herself.

  9. Agree with Nina. They should meet up and all four go out to dinner together. Wow, if the paps could catch such a scene, they could sell the pics for untold thousands to the rag mags.

    I think that Jen and Angie secretly hate each other. That’s the way it is w/ female jealousy…the law of the jungle you might way. LOL (Q)

  10. Nina, the skeltor looking, crack head, Angelina ain’t gonna do shit!! Just throw a coke bag in front of her to distract her or better Jennifer should fart every time she passed by them.

  11. Angie and Justin would make a better couple….they look and seem like they would be great together. These 2 couples just seem sooo wrong.

  12. Not that looks are everything, but I don’t think Justin is good looking at all….bushy eyebrows, strange nose, and always a grim look on his face.

  13. brad went to “Toys ‘r Us” and bought an entire Rambo-Outfit, including a missile lancer & two AK-47’s (from the “street”),to start his personal war, folks!!

  14. I keep up with everything and this time the writer is correct. Everyone notice how correct this info is. I know how jennifer feel because I am in a similiar situation. My husband married someone That I knew from childhood and we have 2 children together. I feel awkward when we all end up at the same place together. But jen must feel bad because of the way her marriage ended.angelina would be mad if brad even spoke to jen. She is so jealous of Jennifer and I wonder why. Will someone answer that question. She is the one that has brad so why be jealous. I am on team jen.I would feel awkward if I was Angelina. She wrecked Jennifers life not just her marriage.Every time I see her with brad I feel bad so I know Jennifer feels reminded when she see them together.When they asked Angelina on tv at the golden glove awards what was she looking forward to at the end of the night she responded right on tv by saying getting into bed with brad. She was sending that message to Jenifer,Angelina is a Jezebel. Her and Brad deserve each other. That is why they are going home from these award shows empty handed.One day Jen you are going to have to face these two jerks.

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