Jax Taylor, 38, was a part-time model and actor when he got a job as bartender at SUR and hence became a full-time villain on “Vanderpump Rules.” He’s responsible for most of the lying, cheating and betrayals on the show and says he’s probably a “sex addict.” But he remains so appealing that girls he wants rarely, if ever, say no. As the breakout star on the reality series, things are going well for Jax- now he’s hosting parties in Las Vegas and has access to even NORE women!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

8 thoughts on “JAX TAYLOR RULES

  1. Do people in America actually watch this complete rubbish ?

  2. Ive turned down better looking dudes than this right here and Im NOBODY.

    theres a man shortage in that part of the world.

    at least a heterosexual man shortage.

    minimal looks and minimal appeal goes far, girls take what they can get out there!

  3. Love u Janet but have to strongly disagree with you. This Jax person is hardly a star and just because he can get girls drunk and take advantage of them doesn’t make him a sex symbol of any kind. It makes him a douchebag.

  4. There must be a lot of desperate women out there to settle for this douchebag. Fugly.

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