In case you haven’t noticed, Jared Leto, 50, is obsessed with fashion. He looks young for his age, and always shows up at red carpet events and premiers extravagantly attired – and without a date. (He’s not above sporting an occasional skirt.) Through it all, he has maintained this unattractive beard, but the fact is, he doesn’t have to attract women. Leto’s little secret is the 27 year old Russian model girlfriend, Valery Kaufman, that he keeps under wraps! They were first seen together shopping for groceries in NY seven years ago. Since then they’ve been spotted hiking or rock climbing- but NOT at Hollywood or public events. This photo shows Jared enjoying St Tropez this weekend and odds are, Valery is there SOMEWHERE , lurking in the background…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

4 thoughts on “JARED LETO HAS A SECRET

  1. He’s another db like Braff, Mayer, DiCaprio, Franco. Using young women like a scorecard .

  2. that’s not a secret, the surprising thing is that when they publish they don’t bother to investigate valery’s account…
    How convenient
    If these publications pay them to show that they still want something between them, they should speak like the adults they are and if it is only for marketing reasons..
    with this you only offend valery’s career by showing that it is so irrelevant that even cheap publications like this do not bother to investigate it

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