Perhaps inspired by Pharrell Williams, January Jones, 36, is protecting her face from the hot sun in a tall Panama hat. She and her 2 and 1/2 year old little boy Xander were seen playing together at a park. She has never revealed who her son’s father is. And since Xander was born, she doesn’t seem to have had another boyfriend. January recently put the Los Feliz home she’s had for five years on the market and she’s been shopping for a home in Pasadena. Mad Men night be over but she’s now starring in the movie Good Kill with Ethan Hawke.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Isn’t that kid a little big to be carried around? He’s got a good pair of walking shoes on…

  2. Apparently this Woman had her Child with a Director who cheated on his Wife. These things happen in Hollywood very often. It is getting more common for some of these Women to chase Pro Athletes who are usually Negroes however.

  3. XYZ , seriously? This child is adorable! You are so wrong. And stop cypher bullying a 2 1-2 year old.
    GK, he usually does walk, so maybe there’s a reason why his mom is holding him.

  4. Poor little imposter so wants to be strom. January isn’t much of a catch.

  5. January is beautiful, her child is adorable, but that child was clearly born to a man with a not sl great jawline.

  6. Cute little boy. I’m still laughing about that last comment regarding the lack of a jawline! That’s so mean but funny?

  7. @Gmays comment is silly, as if all athletes are “negroes”. To me, her baby resembles Jason Sudekis. I thought i heard they once dated. But it could be a married mans baby, the reason she is so tight lipped about it.

  8. All January wanted was a 10 or 15 minute (more or less) thrill and his seed—maybe all she wanted was a kid, (so secretive and a very strange lady).

  9. Yeah, its kind of nuts to be wearing a pharrell hat when its not Halloween.

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