A friend of ours who used to write for Rolling Stone told us an amusing story about the recently departed James Brown. It was back in the early 80’s and this reporter called James to ask his opinion of the new sensation Prince, who was being compared to him. Prince‘s shiny suits, pompadour hair, and melodramatic songs were reminiscent of early James Brown. When our reporter got James on the phone and brought up Prince, Brown didn’t hold back. “He’s a skinny imitation of me!” growled the Godfather of Soul. “HE RIPPED ME OFF!” The moves, the style, the hair – I did it all first!” We don’t know if James became more politically correct later on, but he had no love for Prince back then.


  1. Everybody copies everybody. There is nothing original under the sun.

  2. As Mick ripped off Little Richard.
    Add in amongst many others out and out theiving John and Pauls “She Loves You…A..WOOoo.
    Little Richard and The Killer.
    MUST SEE!!!
    And to the cynic above.
    Stone, rock, bone, voice.
    Africa. Rock and Roll buddy!

  3. influence is the word i would use- not ripped off.
    prince does his own thing and is extremely talented in his own right but james brown is an obvious influence of prince’s.

  4. Yes, Prince has been influenced by James, Sly, Jimi and others, which he melded into his own style. Maceo now plays with Prince’s band, so there’s a tie-in there also.

  5. Speaking of being ripped off,what about this wretched meth head on here posting as Hedda Bopper?.Why must people ruin it for others?…….Oye Vey

  6. Bitch, back off. I’m the real Hedda. My Gina is bald and I love it. So smooth and silky it reminds my boyfriend of a innocent little girl.. that I am.

  7. Crazy meth head.you will soon be removed,enjoy it now nut…….Oye Vey

  8. Who ever is talking bad about Janet can you please go to PEREZ where all the other kids are! Leave Janet alone.

  9. you know that little richard aint so bad,makes my toes tap when the lil asians are doing my nails

  10. Oh I also love this singer and dancer man,everyone at temple goldenmyass loves him as well

  11. Whoever runs this website needs to delete the offensive posts. Who wants to read this kind of garbage.

  12. Well good morning everyone!
    Anybody feeling craaazy today?
    Didn’t think so.
    Hedda and Janet…hero material fer sure.

  13. My humblest and most sincere apologies to Dave.
    If we ever meet…I’m buyin.
    Knock em dead in Vegas.

  14. I think that when Prince was very popular in the ’80s, it must have infuriated James Brown. I like both singers and they each have their own performance style. So I can see why James was angry that Prince stole some of his moves, hair and look during his (Prince) hit making peak. It’s obvious that James was defending his craft and image in that old interview. But James undoubted influenced everyone, from Michael Jackson to Prince to Mick Jagger to even Usher.

  15. Finally, the Truth by way of 3rd hand information on a random blog.

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