Now that 11 year old Jaden Smith’s movie “The Karate Kid” is a boxoffice smash, we can imagine how insufferable he’s become with his Scientology classmates. But we DO have to give him credit for being the better dressed of the Smith siblings. He looks very cool in his camo-motorcycle jacket and striped shirt- a lot more tasteful than his sister Willow looked at his movie premier.

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  1. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m sick to death of him already. It’s called OVEREXPOSURE. I wouldn’t see his movie for free and his untied shoes bore me. Having the offspring of celebs shoved down the publics throats is getting waaaay too old. Tired of the automatic IN that they are afforded. And there’s just something so smug about this kid that drives me nuts. Like he’s just saying “Sure I’m great, my parents are great, why would I be any different!” I don’t care and I don’t WANT to know.

  2. Justin is frozen emotionally at 11 and Bieber at 13 for the rest of their lives.

  3. Saw the kid on Letterman, and then on The View. In both cases he came off as an obnoxious brat. He may actually be a brat, or he may just be so phased by all the publicity and attention and does not know how to handle it. Either way, the parents need to take control and do something.

  4. Like him or not the kid can obviously act and with the help of his parents I wouldn’t be surprised to see him becoming a movie star like his dad. Not sure Janet what you meant by comparing him to Bieber – this kid cannot sing. On the other hand… nether could Britney…

  5. Meg: being “able to sing” today doesn’t matter, if he WANTS to they will just use that machine that autotunes the voice. It’s what all the “singers” use now and the ones who NEVER sing live are the ones who truly CAN’T sing and rely on the machine to mask their horrible off pitch “talents”.

  6. Great role model to the poor black children of America. I dont blame the kid but his parents are more examples of what blacks dont need in this world. Why not show a clean cut kid who is tops in his class instead of someone dressed as a young gangsta and who cant put 3 words together in a row. Why not bring in the Kardashians and show what happens? Amazing that black people want to be made fools of for a little money a short fame.

  7. let me tell him a secret before he moves on:

  8. This kid has all the smugness of his mother with none of the charm of his father. I’m already sick of him.

  9. Captain America, that is a thoroughly perverted comment. It is one thing to post such comments about adults, but it borders on the pedophilic to post like that when I child is the subject of the story. Are there no moderators checking comments? Janet, it is time Captain America was blocked.

  10. Sebastian: I’ve been asking for a loooong time for this prick to be blocked. This freak is the MOST homphobic asshole that ever walked this earth. My belief is that HE is the true “Faggot” (his favorite word), as most people who are so vocally strident against gays, such as the religious right, turn out to be the very ones who ARE gay! Remeber the senators and the religious leaders of the churches who were caught dead to rights not so long ago with their gay lovers, and the church leader was even doing drugs! I’m betting this Cap’n CRAZY may just be a member of NAMBLA!!! He is definitely the sickest puppy on this site or any other site I have seen.

  11. Jayden was so cute in the movie, ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ and even during the promo tour he was very charming. Now, at 11, he has an attitude (aka the star attitude) which comes out during his interviews, and it’s obnoxious and it’s likely to get worse. I agree with Seriously? above who said the kid has the smugness of his mother. He does–that is totally it! The little sister (Willow) is now the same way. Lacking humility, which is a shame because they appear to otherwise be really good kids.

  12. Reta, I agree completely. Unfortunately the Captain is not such an anomaly – I have seen other situations where people get onto discussion groups and comment sections just to abuse and bully people, or post offensive comments. I used to post to a much more serious blog where this was happening, and when I communicated with the blogger herself, her reaction was, hey you are all the same. So nothing was done.

  13. Will&Jada, another pair of freaks selling their kids. Soon theyll be the black version of the Cyrus family. And btw they are “closeted” Scientologists, just like J-LO and her skeletor husband. Most often the offsprings of Hollywood stars are nothing but victims. Jaden&Willow are no exception. Condoleances to ur brain, Will Smith!

  14. Sebastian why does Capt bother you? I don’t even read his posts because they are so obtuse. I don’t understand why you would waste time complaining when you could just ignore him or make fun of him instead. Free speech is a good thing even if you have to tolerate something you don’t like now and then.

  15. The kid is spoiled, obnoxious and not that likable. I hope he can find some down to earth and humility because if not he will soon fail no matter how many movies his Mommy and Daddy produce/buy for him.

  16. Nice to hear it wasn’t just me. I did not like this kids attitude from the first time I saw him, off screen. He really thinks he’s something else. Has that “I’m better than all of you” attitude. I could go on and on. Can’t stand him.

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