Jennifer Lopez and her estranged husband Marc Anthony are embroiled in a custody battle – over membership in their exclusive country club. J.Lo and Marc joined the Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, Calif, last year and now they’re at odds over who will remain a member. Mark likes to golf there, and Jennifer enjoys the social and networking aspects of the club – neither wants the other to continue as a member, and so the battle begins…



  1. Well I guess things could definitely be worse. When a couple fights about country club entitlement, they obviously have too much time and money on their hands!

  2. Ditto what Muffin said. When I’ve known people arguing about the amount of child support they get, looking for a few extra dollars per week, the difficulties these two face in arguing over a country club membership are so petty and ridiculous.

  3. They know that they would never be invited to join again. J Lo is to move to NY soon and she will be back providing plenty of ass to BLACK Puffy Combs on the sly…not in public.

    What should be investigated is their scam foundation which is a tax dodge to provide jobs to relatives.

  4. How damn stupid is this? Jennifer can afford a membership of her very own. Geez!

  5. nina, it’s not about if they can afford it, one does not want to run into the other when they are there!

  6. Sounds like a non story. More importantly she was seen again with Bradley Cooper.

  7. Our fav piece of nonsense gossip about J-Lo is that she is now supposedly “dating” Bradley Cooper! Bwhahhahaha! Uh-huh. Riiiiight. She must want to give her exhausted cooch some much-needed R&R after donkey-dick Marc, cuz Bradley is strictly a shopping pal for the girls, wink-wink. 😉

    Something Nice: see reference above to Marc’s anatomy!

  8. LOL. You beat me to the punch, chris—but it sounds like you might be interested in some “waterfront property” we’re selling down in Florida! 🙂

  9. PS, off-topic: Sue Mengers, Ripped!

    Something very nice: Will there be music at the service, because the “Ding-Dong” song from “The Wizard of Oz” doesn’t get played nearly often enough these days!

  10. No celebrity wants fame as bad as Jen and is willing to do anything for it. She butt serviced BLACK Puffy Combs until her name was known and then tried to go white with Ben A.

    She continues to get rich by promotoing overpriced junk to poor and dumb hispanic women and laughs to the bank.

  11. don’t I wish for their problems.

    and fighting over who gets the country club, looks lke someone’s FAR from her days in ‘da Bronx.

  12. Off Topic message to Strom.
    Disturbing news out of somebodies basement in Philadelphia today.
    If elected President, how would you insure our mentally challenged are safe from this sort of predatory behaviour, Strom?

  13. “A woman accused of keeping four handicapped adults chained in a basement in Philadelphia had been previously convicted of starving a man to death in a closet, according to a published report.”

    She would have either been executed for previous crime or in jail for life breaking rocks. These people are another example of taking advantage of welfare system that pays for kids and others without supervision and these bad eggs snagged and enjoyed the poor peoples checks.

    President Herman Cain would be very hard on them I think but other BLACKS will do virtually nothing. A public execution would not be too good for them.

  14. Breaking News: Herman Cain seen running towards edge of cliff after receiving endorsement from “Strom”, a bigoted poster from the website Janet Charlton’s Hollywood.

    In other news, my recommendation on those a-holes who chained the mentally disabled adults in that basement is that they be treated similarly: chained to a boiler in a darkened room with only a carton of orange juice and no toilet facilities.

  15. The picture w/ bradley shows more of the spooly haired reality instead of the made up facade.

  16. She looks as hard as nails, ‘cuz she is. In regards to her numerous daliances with many and various men, she is just so professional.

  17. Love me some Cain the Herminator too.
    Jenny is not any more promiscuous than any other celeb…she just gets more shiiiiit about it.
    Under 10 maybe .. hereas Madonna, Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore, Penelope Cruz, Aniston, Angelina …..have had more men.

  18. Jen has had plenty of meat but is much more interested in fame!

    She showed her true side as the side whore for BLACK Puffy Combs. Never will live it down.

  19. @Strom…..touche’. (in re: to how the woman -if you could call it that, previously murdered a man). It reminds me of the guy from the Shasta Groeing (sp?) case. He had served six years (!!!!!!) for sodomizing under threat of a gun to the back of the head, ON A PLAYGROUND none-the-less, a six year old. Six years!!!!! Both crimes mentioned above should of at the very least recieved life without poss/of parole (if NOT death), and they both served less time then a low level puerto rican coke dealer.

    Our system is BEYOND askewed.

  20. Agree with both Strom and Cara…however the system works if all Judges were fair but they also inject their biases into their work sadly for the victims…The woman is beyond EVIL.

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