We were surprised to hear that Ivanka Trump considered going to Joe Biden’s inauguration even though her father wasn’t going. She felt it might make her look like a good sport and help her “future political ambitions.” Yes, she hoped to run for President someday! When her father was elected, Ivanka gave up her fashion business and became a Senior Advisor to the President- and she LOVED her new career. Last week’s drama made it unlikely that she would even be INVITED to the pared-down inauguration and she gave up that idea. Insiders say she remains optimistic that she will have a political career in spite of the toxicity of her family name. Others say Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner’s reputations are damaged beyond repair.

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  1. Well, let’s see. Ivanka and her farther have had to close down their non-profit because her father was using it for his personal use, including a huge self-portrait hanging in one of his golf resorts. NYSD fined Donald a huge sum and banned him for life running another non profit. Ivanka has been involved in a shady scam whereby she is accused of intentionally misleading investors in one of their properties and were being sued but somehow the law suit was mysterious dropped, according to reports I have read. I remember reading her shoe company was being sued for copying designer creations. Yes, Ivanka is a con. When you see the name Trump on anything, run or don’t be surprised if you find yourself like VP Pence thrown under the bus cowering in a corner scared you might be hanged, shot or beheaded.

  2. Alot of conjecture. No named sources. There is not one single fact proven here.

  3. Ivanka will be embraced by the deplorables who supported her criminal father in the attack on The Capitol but never by decent people and certainly not by the NY society elite she craves acceptance by. Google Ivanka before all her plastic surgery and see that her face used to match her ugly soul. She is a monster too.

  4. Who would even consider that bitch and her ken doll for any sort of political appointment

  5. Ivanka is as sleazy as her father. She learned well, and has crafted a slick façade. She and her husband are grifters, and neither of them should ever be allowed in public office, nor should any Trump family member. Their past scams, and using the presidency to enrich themselves, is unconscionable. May we be rid of them once and for all come Jan 20th.

  6. Trump has not done anything that Clinton, Obama, Bushes, Regan and all the rest of the corrupt greedy “Presidents” have done for decades. Yet, he angered certain billionaires specifically those that control the media/Hollywood/Tech. Ivanka is no more repulsive than every other spoiled, entitled, worthless celeb spawn who has never done a days work in her life. People should check out the excellent doc “Born Rich” that she is featured in, it is a real insight to how wealthy parasites like this really think and live.

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