Even though it’s Friday and our usual day for our popular Here’s What We Know feature, we just couldn’t NOT share this lengthy newsworthy tidbit. According to our well placed political source, President Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance last night might have been part of a bigger plan. Please keep in mind this is gossip but it makes perfect sense if you keep an open mind. Behind the scenes, higher ups in the Democratic Party were hoping Biden wouldn’t run for re-election, but when he insisted, they decided if they gave him enough rope he would hang himself. Despite his good intentions, 81-year-old Biden showed his age and then some last night, and now even some of the most loyal Democrats are calling for him to be replaced. My source points out that many people in the party believed that Joe’s performance WOULDN’T be up to par, which is why they insisted on having the first debate BEFORE the Democratic Convention where he is expected to be nominated as the candidate. Keep in mind, this is the FIRST time in history a debate has been held before the convention. Since Joe hasn’t officially been nominated, the thinking is, it will be easier to replace him. Although he’s insisting he’s going to stay in the race, behind the scenes everyone from senators to cabinet members are urging him to step down. My source adds that the plan is to get Joe to announce he’s dropping out of the race but will continue to serve the remainder of his term as president and designate his delegates to someone else. (Personally, we’d love to have a female candidate)

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  1. “He couldn’t hit a golf ball 50 yards”-DJT
    “Trump’s mostly KFC based diet has given him the vitality of a much younger man” – Mehmet Oz
    TV personality

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