Ivana Trump and her 23 years younger ex-husband Rossano Rubicondi seem to have kissed and made up. They married in 2008 and divorced less than a year later, claiming they each wanted to live in different cities. They have reunited several times, although the Italian wanna-be actor was rumored to have married someone else in Italy. Last year he expressed a desire to become a lounge singer. (Above, the lovebirds in New York)

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI


  1. Did Donald have to stop paying alimony to Ivana when she married this guy? or maybe he doesn’t mind supporting her boy toys.

  2. Well, he certainly will be successful as a lounge (cough, lizard) singer if Ivanka forks over the dough.

  3. I think ivana trump is terrific. She certainly knows the value of a Italia stallion of which I am one. Ivan’s advice column in the Globe was funny and insightful..after 13 years she was replaced by Debbie Reynolds. I see the blog haters of checked in here.

  4. Extremely never-ending big bucks will enable her to do whatever she wants to do. I think though she could surely find a billionaire near her age and forget the toyboys. You know, money always marries money. I tend to like her.

  5. Bash her all you want but had the Donald listen to her years ago about selling those Casino in Atlantic City. Well, high might be a little richer today but probably needed the cash-flow from them to stay solvent. Had the DJT casino stayed union free, but 1-2 bankruptcies later and finally a closure. Wonder what their going to turn those places into mega assisted living facilities with the same casino buffet style food?

  6. Maybe they’ll create a few different Universities a bit like Chicago, there’s a ton of them downtown or are they really just dorms for all the foreign nationals living in the US under the pretax of getting an education. This country needs a national ID card and one for all the international people who visit here but never seem to leave, but they help our economy.

  7. Wonder what Ivanka thinks of her mother as look at the worm she picked. Wonder when the last time they ate at a hotdog stand and who order the polish sausage.

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