No wonder The Oscars are losing more of their audience every year. A huge percentage of the three and a half hour show was made up of technical awards in which groups of unfamiliar men in tuxedos got up and thanked everyone in Hollywood who might give them their next job. It’s exhausting, self indulgent, and downright BORING. In other words, NOT entertaining. That’s why viewers drift. Seth MacFarlane was fine (and a surprisingly good singer,) the musical numbers were nice, but the rest of the show needs a major overhaul.


  1. Very True! Whata snore-fest. I was surfing thru channels and hit the Oscars when Jenifer Aniston was presenting an award for something or other.

    I watched for about 20 minutes and ran for the hills.

    Again, just a bunch of irrelevant egotistical script readers that are mesmerized by their very selves.

    I flipped over to Seinfeld reruns…

  2. WORST show EVER
    host more sucked than did not suck
    totally boring except for a few segments
    just horrible……. why the hell they chose that guy to host is beyond me…. and that stupid BOOBS song the did? SHAME on the men who run this piece of crap show…..disgusting and insulting is understatement. FEH!

  3. One little problem Janet!
    Don’t write this crap before the Nielsen overnights are in.
    Now they are in & the ratings were up this year!

  4. I like Seth MacFarlane. I think he tried. There were a few good jokes. I agree they should stick to giving out awards for the big categories only. No one cares about the other categories, and it makes the show way too long and boring.

  5. The last thing I want to see is a bunch of narcissistic celebrities giving each other awards for crappy material and crappy performances.

  6. Kitty – WELL SAID!!!!

    Since I didn’t watch it, I didn’t know until today that Ms. Obama was on it. OMG – can we not get away from that family for 15 seconds??????????????????????? She has NO fashion sense – looks stupid in that hairdo and has no class. Ooops, I guess that last part works for the Oscars….

  7. But Dame Shirley Bassey nailed it. The old broad was sensational for her age. Pushing eighty and still hit her notes.

    Babs, well, she did look lovely and tried her little out.

  8. I appreciate the technical awards, although we only see a small sampling of them. They deserve the attention. Stars don’t make movies by themselves!

  9. The show was poorly produced–no one to help the women up the stairs in their dresses and heels; boring jokes; boring Starship crap; overdone musicals and dance numbers; stars left out of the “Memoriam” section. Seth wasn’t too great. I turned it off at the 1/3 point. The Golden Globes are way better produced, and way more entertaining. And Kristin Chenowith, has she no dignity? Double yuck. Cringe worthy, every second. Her lack of dignity transferred to those she attempted to interview. Lara Spencer was a study in contrasts to Chenowith.

  10. After Bob Hope, Johnny Carson and Billy Crystal being superb hosts — who can watch this show???? There are way too many award shows.

  11. Dull and boring and about an hour too long. The first 30 minutes was really bad. Also, there used to be escorts to escort the ladies up the stairs, which they needed since all were wearing those dressed with long trains, thus Jen Lawrence falling. Glit and glitter one of the worst ever.

  12. Opening was boring,not funny and too long.Seth MacFarlane looked uncomfortable and out of place.

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