Brazilian born Jessica Alves (formerly Rodrigo Alves) is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to self-glamorization. When he gave up the idea of looking like a Ken doll, Rodrigo endured multiple surgeries to morph into a trans-female and (12 nose-jobs later) his nose has almost entirely disappeared, while his/her chest seems to inflate daily. (As you can see, Jessica has no qualms about discussing or displaying her surgeries) Just putting on all that makeup in the morning must be a daunting task. Alves has been living in London where she recently had a lip lift and chin surgery. Above, Jessica is having about eight pounds of long extensions attached to her head -ouch! Might be time for some body dysmorphia therapy…

Top Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

Bottom Photo: Instagram


4 thoughts on “IT’S HARD WORK BEING A GIRL

  1. Who is paying for all these surgeries? Does he/she come from a wealthy family?

  2. Jessica Alves needs to learn while its true beauty is only skin deep, it has to be YOUR skin, not a surgically enhanced version. This is Michael Jackson on steroids. A car crash that is hard to look away from. This person tragically is headed toward a disastrous end. Enablers will enable, especially if you throw enough money in their direction. Sad.

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