Tina has never been a cover girl for a fashion magazine, but she made up for it recently by by appearing on the cover of German Vogue. It’s unclear whether she will perform again, but she’s become a citizen in Switzerland where she still lives happily with her life partner Erwin Bach.


  1. Whoa!!! I love Tina, but that is too much plastic surgery or photoshop or somethin’. Mercy!

  2. Tina seems to have joined the ranks of those BLACKS who want to be shown as white. Why are so many so ashamed of their race and trying to be something they aren’t?

    Is BLACK Morgan Freeman next?

  3. if you got the shit beat out of you by ike freakin turner as many times as T did you’d need to be Photoshopped too…. tina rules.

  4. What happened to your face Tina? No matter what, I still love your music!

  5. dear Mr.@Strom

    After considerable discussion in our department, we’ve begun to suspect that your commentaries on this blog, may in fact be – primary symptomatic evidence of a HerpesViral induced encephalitis.

    Our reasoning is of course anecdotal (as we’ve not yet physically examined you) , but

    You present most ( if not all ) of the classic symptoms of the disease; in particular – a notable decrease in brain function, and the resultant confusion – as well as an array of the most typical, compulsive obsessive behaviours such as: your BLACK Morgan Freeman HERPES THING obsession, habitually mentioning other peoples anal and other body fluids, an observable and profound fixation with unknown strangers sexual activities, a routine yet profound lack of general awareness/sophistication in the use of highly and disturbingly inappropriate sexual references to children, and of course, the inexplicable, but (admittedly) amusing – gay island etc.

    In fact, we love you around here, in out lab at least, you’re the poster boy for reduced brain function. ( we’re neuro-bio folks )
    Is there any chance you’d give us your e-mail so we could correspond/and or diagnose more effectively ?

    Please ? We’d like to run some standard diagnostics, no spinals, promise.

  6. we’ve also long suspected @strom was ill, but presumed it was simply another sad incidence of retrograde mongolism or perhaps late stage syphilis.

    Glad you folks are on the lookout for swiss cheese brained trollers, cause we’ve sure got a lot of them here on the blog.


    ie. Hello, abe, Sherrlynee, Christine India et al.

  7. That cover could only happen in Europe as anna wintour has a great dislike for any cover model that isn’t WASP.

    Neuo-bio lab crew: You Rock!!

  8. A very talented artist who is a real survivor. Strom you aren’t nor would you ever be good enough to lick shit from the bottom of her shoes. Must be hard on your pathetic male ego to know an African American Woman is so talented loved and adored. But, you have brought so much love and joy to people and have soo many fans, oh wait…

  9. Tim the mouthpiece. There is more makeup and photoshop on this picture than plastic in Halle’s breasts.

    I happen to like Tina very much. I don’t like the picture and the fact that they have tried to turn a BLACK woman from Tennessee cotton patches into a blonde white woman. Hopefully she doesnt either. Hopefully she is proud of her race and not a Jackson or Beyonce who wants to be something they were not.

  10. Strom ]

    you really are an ignorant troll , there are as many shades of Brown as there are people.

    Do you have the worlds only Black o meter to measure some one’s colour ? you presumptuous fool.

    You really are some kind of stupid.

    I am a person of colour, you’d call me Black, and I’d call you a tedious racist pig.

  11. hey Strom send (neuro crew ) them your 411, you need the check up !

  12. Leon, if you are black you are black. So what. You obviously dont read my posts or you would know I have no problem with black, white, brown, red, or green people. It is the running from your race and the enablement of someone to EXPECT something for simply being BLACK I rant against.

    Tina would tell you she was born BLACK, she cant be white or yellow. But the PC’ers want to give any minority great benefits for that reason alone.

    Leon, help your people from bbeing left behind and get them out of the culture of rap music and expecting handouts. Put them to work and keep them in school.

    As Herman Cain told the BLACKS, stop your complaining and go to work!

  13. Your post is offensive Strom, and extraordinarily stupid too. Stop trying to tell ANYBODY what to do or think, you have no relevance or credibility. none

  14. The so called doc can like it or not…makes no difference. I could care less what you think but what about the Asian’s that are here illegally working in all the chinese restaurants and being housed like slaves.

    Tiger Wood has decided he is an Asian instead of a BLACK. Tells you much, doesn’t it?

  15. What about the 50% of BLACK women who have and spread herpes, Leon? Get out there and help them.

  16. Remember when there used to be inspired humour with the responses here?
    Now it’s just ugly. And boring.

  17. Patrick, I think we’re fortunate in a way, because his brand of hatred is so slow witted, and angry that when writes a comment – it always feels like that white foamy shit that the dogs get on the windows of the car.

    He a troll, lost somewhere in the 1940’s south.

    Strom’s, uneducated, unskilled, and well, probably a bull dyke.

  18. Mr. Strom, if you don’t care what people think, why do you constantly write to them ?

    Are we your only “friends” ?, your only contact with the outside world ? Are you in an institution ?

    You seem to be a deeply hurt person sir, but just fail to see it in yourself, and it feels terribly pathetic, sadly so.

    You could be witty and still critical, like others on the blog, but you can’t control the hatred, it just spits out in dumb clumps.

    ya, probably you are institutionalized, somewhere big and public, where they don’t have the time or inclination to monitor your internet use.


  19. Ha ha, amazing statements…..marchers must be be back from the rainsow parade! Unfortunately all the negative comments about me have nothing to do w/ Tina’s photoshopped and floured picture!

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