There’s something about oversexed Welsh singer Tom Jones that’s lovable. In spite of his history of romantic transgressions he has remained married to his childhood sweetheart Linda for 53 years. (“I may have fooled around, but I always came home” he explains nonchalantly.) Tom is surely one of the greatest performers ever to grace the stage in Las Vegas, and he’s still going strong. He was photographed at LAX with Linda this week.

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  1. Well, she’s certainly no bathing beauty, is she? Altho I’ll bet the ladies don’t throw too many thongs up on stage for him nowadays, more like full length girdles, and hernia supports! he’s not lookin too pretty anymore, but that’s not unusual.

  2. Why shouldn’t he come home? She does all his cleaning and washing up and does everything for him. Meanwhile, due to his infamous transgressions and her always at risk of being confronted with them, she has gradually become afraid to leave the house. Shame on him.

  3. …….when time is running out they do these kind of things!!

  4. Time and reality catches up with all of us. But for celebs it seems to go faster.

  5. I don’t think she does too much housework; he probably gives her a HUGE monthly check for frivolities like maids and gardeners, etc. For a while she was chubby, must have laid on the couch all day eating bon-bons. lol

  6. Obviously they’ve had a personal arrangement for decades. Tom’s had too much plastic surgery around his eyes. He, of course, is grinning for the camera while his wife is trying to avoid it. Sums up their life together. I think they got married when they were 16 years old.

  7. They obviously have an arrangement where he can stray, but she can stay Mrs. Tom Jones.
    Johnny Carson had the same arrangement (though not, I think, w/ his last wife), as did Bob Hope, and so, in his younger days, did Jerry Lewis (it takes all tastes, folks!). Everyone decides what baggage they’re willing to take — and these wives have decided that having “Mrs.” in front of their names was worth it… 🙂

  8. Hilary: I wonder, where did you get your info to be able to STATE that all these stars Johnny Carson, Bob Hope, & Jerry Lewis all screwed around on their wives and their wives accepted it because they had “an arrangment”???? I just wonder if you knew them personally, or were the lover to all three of them, because that’s the only way you could make such a profound blanket statement about THREE different men who are dead and cannot confront you about your version of THEIR lives. So, just HOW DO YOU KNOW…HUUUM?????

  9. To jump in here: I personally heard Mrs. Bob Hope say she knew that Bob was not entirely faithful. She never questioned him and he gave her anything she wanted. She went on to say she knew his last 2-day trip out of town was a cheating situation. She laughed and said he did not deny it and then gifted her with a $5000 ring, crystal chandelier, and a new living room suit. She went on to say she wishes she could catch him again as she could use a new fur coat. (Have not heard any rumor about Johnny Carson or Jerry Lewis having this arrangement).
    PS: I definitely remember this interview because it was so, well, memorable.

  10. Haha, “that’s not unusual,” good one, Reta! (I love a good pun)

    Li’l Off Broadway, I have heard interviews of her; and she won’t let others clean her home, she does it herself and she dusts and vacuums and cooks and cleans every day.

    She has become afraid to leave the house, and he won’t have anyone in, so she’s just there all day with no friends or husband unless he deigns to be in the area and come home for a while.

    And she doesn’t feel bad for what he does to her, she thinks of him as the only person she’s really close to in the world and thinks he’s done right by her, I think he takes advantage of her and that at the very least they could have people over so that she is not socially bereft and lonely all the time. But he’s got everything just where he wants it, women who (surprisingly) still throw themselves at him (fewer and older than those in the past, but enough for his ego), and a wife who dotes on him when he bothers to show up.

  11. Hey, whatever the situation, THEY”RE STILL MARRIED !!!!!
    Enough said.

  12. MamaSan: you tryin’ to tell me that Bob Hope’s wife didn’t ALREADY have a nice living room set, or couldn’t buy a new one whenever she wanted? Or a friggin chandelier? Or a stupid lousy $5000 (cheap!) ring? That she actually had to allow her man to screw someone else in order to furnish her house and get a cheap bauble? Wow! She she sold herself for low price, didn’t she? Funny, when she could certainly afford, and I’m sure she did, go buy anything she wanted or needed for her home(s) anytime she wanted at whim. And I’ll betcha her jewelry box had many pretties that riveled two and three and four times that amount easily and whenever she wanted. Bob would not have been the man to deny his woman, he was not known to be cheap, but very generous and loving to his wife. And I’m not buying the cheating crap either. They always put themselves forward as a happy and supportive couple all the way to the end, and I admire that in them. Not ALL men who have money screw around!

  13. Hey E,don’t be “surprised people still throw themselves at him” I am 24 and I want to throw myself at Tom until Iam black and blue!!!.

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