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Above, Warren Beatty is rushing to hand his ticket to the valet parking attendant at Madeo. Warren is 73 now and he and his wife of 18 years, Annette Bening, have four children. He says he’s given up acting, and he seems of have no directing for writing projects in the works. Will he surprise us all by running for office?

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  1. At 73? Im no ageist but he is too late to the party. Also, America will soon overthrow the leftist socialits marxist regime that recently infiltrated Washington D.C and other states. So if Warren is of the same political ilk, your time is up, soon. (((((NOV 2010))))).

    -Enablers of entitled mentality
    -Socialist / marxists
    -These impositions are for you, not me marxists
    -Killers of America from within
    -Never read Animal Farm pigs
    -Coffee hoaxes

    Healthy Tea anyone?

    BTW: Warren, go find a beach somewhere with Annette and enjoy retirement sipping mojitos.

  2. Oh, forgot to say congrats for 18 years, a monumental achievement with you H-wood types…

  3. He’s waaaay too old for much of anything except of enjoying whatever time he has left with his family. The rest of us have no use for him, so don’t bother wasting our time or money, Okay?

  4. He’d never pass vetting what with the baby with the waitress.

    Seen him speak? A lot of loose marbles.

    Hipocrates has been dead for 2,000+ years…?

  5. By the way Poopie, well said. This man destroyed more marriages than you know. Just go away and pray no one slams that little wife of yours.

  6. He has given up acting but is still procreating with women other than his wife.

  7. He would be so perfect in politics. After all, 90% of politicians are or have been cheaters. He could teach the other 10% all he knows about cheating, orgies, and every possible sex thing he has ever been in. Then they could all be 100% rotten, why not go all the way.

    Annette Bening had to be desperate to marry him.

  8. Do you have anymore info. on his daughter Kathlyn who is rumored to be transgender and wants to go by the name of “Stephen”? Also, when did Warren father a baby out of wedlock with a waitress? Is this true?

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