If Prince Harry proposes, should Suits actress Meghan Markle say yes? She’d have to give up her life as a private citizen – she already has a bodyguard with her at all times on the Suits set, and she didn’t before. Meghan is undeniably a great catch – not only is she very attractive, but she’s well educated, (two degrees from Northwestern University) she’s a noted and active socially conscious feminist, and by all accounts, a decent and companionable person. Should she give up her comfortable world for the heavily scrutinized life of a “Royal?” Wouldn’t it be a surprise if she turned Harry DOWN?

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI


  1. Harry can do WAY better then that trash. I hope he has to give up his “prince” crown if he picks this woman.

  2. Sadly, her laser-like focus on the camera meant that she stepped directly into a fresh pile of doggy calling card–just out of frame.

    We kid! But something tells us the “Royals” deserve whatever Ms. Markle and her baggage are bringing to the tea party.

  3. Are you kidding me? She is not a shy & demure Diana as she was early on. It appears this woman LOVES the camera & publicity.

    I’m not sure either one of them are getting a good catch, as long-term partners go, but I wish them well.

    They’re certainly old enough to know what they want. And they are quite the charming couple! JMO, but she will make sure media has advance notice of their appearances. We’ll see much more of them than William & Kate!

  4. I don’t think she’d hesitate to accept a proposal–he’s considered a catch. But really, would the royal family actually accept a biracial person into their family as a spouse of someone actually in line for the throne? They’re not THAT modern and I can’t see Charles and (sniff-sniff) Camilla warming up to that idea at all. To my knowledge there isn’t a non-white anglo-saxon in the bunch. I think that would be the biggest obstacle facing the couple.

  5. Wellll, since you brought it up. Do a little image research on Queen Charlotte (the wife of King George III), who was said to be part black.

    You can judge her portraits for yourself.

    But the (current) Queen’s hubby is known for his antipathy to “nignogs,” as he charmingly puts it.

    So, if there’s a wedding afoot (or even an engagement), chances are, Prince Philip will be safely tucked away in his box before it goes forward.

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