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This is absolutely the most flattering photo of Paula Abdul that we’ve seen in ages! She will LOVE it! She looks so young and sweet here as she walks in Beverly Hills with her boyfriend JT Torregiani, who’s not in this frame. Her wavy hair has a great natural look and she appears to be tan and relaxed for a change.

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  1. She looks like a nurse in a psycho ward – make that a patient.

  2. she looks gorgeous! so cute! and she seems really happy this summer! smiling all the time (and not that fake smile that she had on her face for most of season 6, but a real smile)

  3. she’s been dressing like shit since taking up with this JT. Wtf is it with that name anyway it makes him sound like he is about 5 yrs old. does he not have a real name???

  4. she looks soo beautiful. and yeah, happy and relaxed. how recent is this picture, from this weekend??

  5. guess shes been working out with gym buddy, sorry “LURVER BOYY” Torregiani again. yawwwwwwwwwn.
    do they think we are dumb? janet you are falling for the act hook line and sinker PATHETIC

  6. Paula is always beautiful. Here, very beautiful. She does not look 45. 35, at the most.

  7. paula looks very cute. im hoping the reason she is working out so much is because she will make a new video! honestly, i miss paulas music videos so much, they were fantastic. (saw cold hearted snake on vh1 today and it is amazing). the music videos today are crap compared to hers. i wish she would make a comeback.

  8. she looks great. i love her. cheap clothes? well shes probably coming from the GYM

  9. Why no photos of Torregiani, Janet? I want to see if he looks stoned like in all the other pics.

  10. paula is always workin out lately. she looks so pretty here. i want to see more new pics of her and her new boyfriend, they make a cute couple

  11. paula must be trying to get into shape for something.. i wonder what? maybe she really WILL be trying to record some new music. i hope so!

  12. Getting better looking?? I think Paula has always been great looking. except back when she had blonde short hair. didnt really suit her

  13. It’s hard to tell if this is Paula. I would need to see a photo of her without glasses on, in order to confirm her appearance is as you claim.

  14. she looks so sweet and innocent in this photo. it’s hard to believe this is the same person as that really tough girl in the cold hearted video 🙂

  15. Listen Paula, the harder and more you’re training in Fitnessclubs, the better your looks are and the more energy you will get. It’s that SIMPLE! Only your person has to do it. This is a bit a Mental test. How strong are you? Don’t talk, just do it!!

  16. Hope she don’t take the gym thing too far, we don’t need another super skinny on our hands but hey now nicoles up the duff threres a vacancy going

  17. The woman is a freaken nut case. Good for her. and for him. That means that she is a fricken freak in the bedroon, and….she is loaded! What a gift to us all!

  18. maybe she is going to the gym so she can eat snacks and candy like she probably wants to. just because she is working out doesnt mean she is aiming to look like nicole. she already did once, in 2003 i think, and it wasnt a good look for her. she looks best when she isnt super skinny.

  19. She looks beautiful and natural. And if ahe and JT were at the gym, sure, that’s good for you- but everything in moderation.

  20. i am still hoping the reason she works out so much is because she will do another video. I really miss her singing and dancing! and i mean her Real dancing, not jumping around on American Idol.

  21. I miss Paula! Havent seen her on TV for over a week now, and I MISS her. I really hope we will get to see her on TV again before January. I am guessing maybe she is staying away. doesnt want to risk getting over-exposed. in May and June she was absolutely everywhere, Im guessing maybe it got too much (i even got a little tired of hearing about her everywhere, but now I really miss her).

  22. To the person who says she looks 35 and not 45, I say NO: She looks 45! Because clearly that’s what 45 looks like on some people. Stop making it out that 45 looks other than cute.

  23. paula looks younger than 45 imo. she has always looked younger or maybe i should say more childish, than she is.. back in the 80s when she became famous, she was actually in her mid 20s but i thought she was in her late teens haha. and when she came on Idol in 02, I thought she was around 30. haha i was kind of wrong there. she looks nice in this picture by the way.

  24. maybe she looks 45 I dunno, what I do know is that she looks very beautiful.

  25. I agree, she looks great and I think she would really like this picture. and yes I also hope Paula would make a comeback as a singer. i think shes the best female performer ever. she had everything, dance, choreography, good voice, pretty, great songs, and the right attitude. it’s tragic that she is mainly known for her private life these days, she was amazing.

  26. totally agree, she was the total package and people like Britney, madonna and janet dont even come close to being as good as paula. this picture is good, love the hair

  27. She looks great! is she having a vacation right now? she did many TV and public appearences last month but I havent seen much of her lately. miss her!!

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