More than two years after the fact, former North Carolina senator and failed presidential candidate John Edwards has admitted that he is the father of his mistress’s child. It took him a year to admit he even HAD an affair with Rielle Hunter – despite all the documentation and photos presented by the National Enquirer. When they printed a photo of John HOLDING the baby he insisted “I don’t know who that baby is.” The ONLY reason John admitted fathering the child NOW is because his former aide who tried to cover for him, is about to spill the beans. We should all thank the Enquirer for getting this lying creep out of politics.


  1. He is of course totally finished in every way. But remember he still is a multi-millionaire and can live like a king the rest of his demon-inspired life. The question is does the slime-bucket have any conscience as to what a low life he really is. The answer is probably no, and his main concern is looking at himself in the mirror. I wish Elizabeth would cut his nuts off and send them to his whore.

  2. Yes, I agree, he is a pathetic low life. His biggest worry seems to be if every hair of his head is in place. To think he lost a child, his wife has cancer, and he still lied repeatedly. All of his brains are in his weiner. A triple pox on him.

  3. At least he acknowledges and is involved in the childs life – that is something.

    Shame he couldn’t man up and finish things with his wife before embarking on an extra marital affair.

  4. The man is pure scum. His own staffers were ready to bury him if he got the presidential nod.

    His wife – suffering from terminal cancer – so sad. I hope his wife files for divorce, freezes all his accounts and strips him of any potential income. Legally, he will lose his law license.

    This piece of crap needs go. Love the Democrat party. What a bunch of winners…

  5. Yes, he is most definitely pathetic. This is just one “lie” he could not get out of thanks to DNA. Sounds like an episode of Maury Povich.

  6. The soon-to-be-released book by Andrew Young (his former aide, who, for a time, said he was the baby’s father) should be a page-turner. And, the National Enquirer, just last week, had this scum hitting on new women! My guess is that he and Elizabeth Edwards have not shared a bed for a VERY long time. Hey, how’s this for a political ticket: John Edwards and Jon Gosselin — “THE SCUM PARTY” 🙂

  7. He is absolutely the worst kind of liar — the kind who, when he is caught in a lie, makes up another lie to cover it. And PAYS other people to LIE FOR HIM!

    If he ever shows his face trying to get publicity for ANYTHING he does … I hope everyone remembers this and that he doesn’t get a “break” from another sympathetic male.

  8. You know what they say, the people get the politicians they deserve. If the average American were not such a self-absorbed philistine, then perhaps the political landscape of the U.S. would not be littered with this kind of trash.

  9. He is so low it wouldn’t be surprising if he claimed that the death of his 17 year old son screwed up his mind so much that he didn’t realize that he was committing adultery. He is a pathological liar and the worst of the worst. Unfortunately there are still tons of sluts who will still sleep with him. He is bound to catch a disease if there is any justice in the world.

  10. This whole incident makes me really sad, because I did like him as a politician. He grew up very poor, so he understands what a lot of people in this country go through. I voted for him in the primaries, believing that. After all this broke, I couldn’t believe what a lying, cheating moron he is. It doesn’t change his background, but it sure shows what he’s capable of. And I don’t know how many of you watch GSN, but his mistress Rielle was on the game show Lingo a while before all this started. I couldn’t believe it when I saw her. But it was her. What a slut. They deserve each other. Elizabeth is, to me, the picture of grace. She doesn’t have to say a word because her slimeball husband says it all for her. May God bless her and keep her during her illness and forever.

  11. No.. I think there is great competition for that lauded name prize.

  12. What about Miss Hunter? She got pregnant on purpose. She was getting old. Did she lie to Edwards about birth control?

    Seems Hunter’s life is just fine now. Why did Edwards have unprotected sex with Hunter? After all these years, he forgot to use protection while having sex outside his marriage? Or, was he told Hunter could not have any children?

  13. yes. total douche! democrat or republican, his actions are so douch-ey! such a narcissist. and yep, just proves the national enquirer has gotten it right…several times! first the affair, then the baby…then tiger.

  14. Who gives a crap? All I want to know is he a good politican? Would he have lead the country better than Obama? I don’t think so. SO I judged him on that alone. If you are a priest, then yeah your job performance should be judged on your moral life. Otherwise, who cares. Bill Clinton was pathetic too- but a great leader respected world-wide. That’s all I give a damn about.

  15. The fascination with John Edwards is the fact that he was a political candidate for United States President.The fact that he had an affair, and because of the affair,he became a father while married to “the love of his life”.I can easily believe that there is not a day in the life of John Edwards that he does not wish that he had never laid eyes on Rielle Hunter.JE may be used to $400.00 haircuts,but a DIVORCE after thirty years will end him up at the CLEANERS!!

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