Jamie Foxx’s daughter Corinne just released a statement that her father has been out of the hospital for weeks recuperating, but it’s what she DIDN’T say that has insiders questioning the validity of her claims. Jamie suffered a mysterious “medical emergency” and he couldn’t complete filming the movie Back in Action. Producers quickly replaced him with a body double, assuming he would NOT return to work. Apparently THEY knew something WE don’t. Although Jamie‘s daughter says Jamie is OUT of the hospital, she DIDN’T say he was recuperating at home, so now some friends fear he’s in rehabilitation because he suffered a debilitating stroke. NOBODY believes Jamie is “playing pickle ball” (With a terribly crushed body, Jeremy Renner kept fans informed- Jamie would do the same if he could) In all our Hollywood reporting years, we have never seen a situation like this where managers and publicists are not speaking for or about, their ailing client. Has Corinne sworn them to silence? WHY? Keep in mind, this is just speculation, but all this subterfuge has those who love Jamie justifiably worried…


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  1. Maybe he decided to transition and change his name to Vivica.

  2. There’s a contract out on his head by the L.A. crips. It’s all over the streets man.

  3. I do remember an instance when managers and publicists refused to say anything about a client’s health.
    This is the mid-1980s when Rock Hudson had AIDS, but it either wasn’t addressed–or lies were told.
    Hudson’s publicist at the time was a man named Dale Olsen. Olsen worked at the powerhouse publicity firm Rogers & Cowan. I don’t remember the story he put out, but once he did, he was summarily fired. It was a sad ending to Olsen’s illustrious career. Olsen went on to open up his own agency, out of his home in the Hollywood Hills, and a few clients followed him. But, not many. Here’s Olsen’s obit in The Hollywood Reporter. One huge inaccuracy: he didn’t leave R & C on his own. He was shown the door, and given no notice, for the way he handled questions about Hudson.

  4. When are they going to tell us it was an overdose, already?

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