Wow! We just heard a really juicy explanation for the Jay-Z Solange dustup. According to our connected source, Gwyneth Paltrow is the reason for Solange’s rage! In the hip hop world there have been rumors about Gwyneth and Jay-Z having a secret affair for years. Gwyneth, an established cheater, and her estranged husband Chris, and Jay- Z and Beyonce have long been so friendly they take vacations together. Gwyneth has said that she thinks Jay is “the coolest man on earth.” Click HERE to see photos of Gwyneth and Jay-Z looking very chummy. Our source says maybe Solange didn’t approve…….

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. The Poop…pardon Goop has certainly been there done that but the Met fracas was about JayZ and Rachel Roy. Apparently Solange chewed her out too.

  2. This is quite plausible. Negroe Men have a fascination with Blonde Caucasian Women. It gives them somewhat of a higher standing in the ghetto community.

  3. OMG Janet, everyday your credibility is shot down further by your idiotic comments. Everyone knows it was Rachel Roy by now. If you really “knew” gossip; everyone knows jz is notorious for bedding his friends/enemies girlfriends and wives. Damon dash was his partner and Rachel Roy is damone ex wife. Get with the program.

  4. This is quite plausible. Blonde Caucasian Women have a fascination with Negroe Men. It gives them somewhat of a higher standing in their ghetto community.

  5. Solange and Rachel Roy got into it earlier that night, at the Met Gala. A source claims “Solange was provoked by Rachel,” and Beyonce got in between Rachel and Solange, “warning” Rachel not to speak to Solange. Rachel was married to Damon Dash, who used to be Jay-Z’s business partner. Rachel has known the Knowles women for a while. Wendy Williams had some detailed comments, alleging that Jay has a sexual history with Rachel and that Solange was simply standing up for her sister. People’s source does say: “Solange is super protective of Beyoncé. He took off after the spat to go to Rihanna’s party and meet up with Rachel Roy.. uh oh

  6. The Gwyneth connection hits a truthful cord! She’s been obsessed with Jay Z for a while; The timing of the Chris Martin break up; Gwyneth’s last minute bail from the Met Gala…Janet,I think you’re on to something. I expect more staged trips to the jewlery store for Solange and Jay Z after Wendy Williams picks this up!

  7. @Kartofe&Son of Strom – Gwyneth is Jewish, not Caucasian. Do ur homework.

  8. Goop just looks like a WASP.

    Camel has slept with them all, Solange included.

  9. Poor little imposter, so wants to be strom.

    Who knows if this is correct but what you can be certain of is that the one BLACK J was cheating with was certainly not BLACK.

  10. XYZ, grow a brain

    Jewish is a religious group, whereas, Caucasian is the term used to describe peoples from the Caucasus region, or incorrectly “whites”

    don’t reproduce, you’re not equipped (intellectually), dumbass

    point out any inaccuracies …

    “Do ur homework.” hhhaaaaa …

  11. Gwoop is too perfect to be involved in any of this.

  12. I’d love to see that koont and fake Gwen get herself beaten by Solange in public for everyone to see.

  13. I CAN’T understand:

    How a while back she was voted the most beautiful woman in the world.

    I CAN understand:

    Why she is one of the most hated/disliked woman in GollyWood.

    She grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth and a nasty personality. I’ve heard she regrets calling off her marriage to Brad Pitt. I’m sure Brad is glad she did (after 5 years of living together). She really is nuts.

  14. I can’t figure out why all these skanks are crazy about Jay-Z. Do they put a bag over his head while in the throes of romance? Yuk, money aside, he is double fugly.

  15. Little Miss Jewess…” I’m so perfect …it’s so PC … As long as I give him Peruvian lemon grass sandwiches ..and Brazilian Turgo fruit ice cream… … It’s only a thousand bucks an ounce”. Why does everybody hate me ?
    I just hope his member is thick enough to make her screech!

  16. I’m with Daggers on this one. Their little kid will probably get called poison ivy if she takes after daddy.

  17. Uh, Daily Muse, you need to get your facts straight. Gwyneth was NOT married to Brad Pitt. He was married first to Jennifer Aniston. G & B dated for a few years, but it ended. The only man Gwyneth has been married to is Chris Martin. Look it up.

  18. NINA,

    MY BAD.

    I guess my brain was on a holiday. I truly meant to say…instead of calling off her marriage to Brad, I meant to say calling off her engagement to him. Gosh, I surely knew G and B were never married. Boy I messed up big time, and am embarrassed I didn’t re-read before posting. Thanx.

  19. In any event there is no doubt that BLACK J Z would climb any mountain in order to bed the blonde Gwen!

    BLACK women w/ herpes to the rear of the line!

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