The ONLY downside to the fabulous Jay-Z VS Solange Knowles elevator brawl is the fact that the person who sold the tape to TMZ (for $250,000?) got CAUGHT! We feel awful for this entrepreneurial hotel employee who recognized solid gold when he or she saw it. Without people like this hotel employee, the world would be a much duller place. How much FUN has this tape provided for the general public? And certainly none of the participants suffered career damage or anything else. (Jay-Z remained a gentleman through it all) The tape made the whole Jay-Z Beyonce household a whole lot MORE interesting. We can understand why the Standard Hotel felt obliged to fire the employee, but we hope they will come to their senses and NOT file a lawsuit against the errant employee.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News



  1. The City of Detroit has gone bankrupt. The City is home to 700,000 people, as well as to tens of thousands of abandoned buildings, vacant lots and unlit streets.

    Is it any wonder the Obama Administration concocted this Jayzee story to divert attention from America’s Urban decay?

  2. The Standard Hotel thief will be in the news next on a criminal charge. They should save the empty cell next door for Janet Charlton. She thrives on gossip by any means necessary including breaking the law to get celebrity news stories.

  3. Well judging from that outfit, it is any surprise she’s just another insect looking for a payday?

  4. So very sorry to hear such glee from Janet on this. It’s one thing to give tidbits on celebs, but quite another to actually take such joy out of what seems to be a very delicate situation.

    How would you feel if that was done to you?

  5. Is all this hullabaloo the reason she has such a long face? lol 🙂

  6. Move Over Beyonce!!
    Your little sister has shown that she has spunk. The attention that she has generated is Not going away anytime soon. At this time, she
    does Not have to sing, dance,or act. Right Now she is a personality who has caused her Name to become the Newest curiosity and flavor of the month. Just Saying!!

  7. “Fun!?” Do you delight in seeing families fight? What kind of twisted person revels in that sort of thing??

  8. makes no sense.

    What does makes sense is the Rachel Roy/Damon Dash/ Jay Z triangle.

    Damon Dash is bankrupt, Roy sold her line to the Nine West group and Jay Z is doing”well”,
    doing Rachel Roy would be a way for Jay Z to stick the knife further in Damon Dash’s back.

    I’m over this scandal anyhow.

  9. that is one ugly-assed dress! Is it from that Gawd-awful “Hut of Derrion” line that Beyawnce’s mother runs? Hideous.

  10. I don’t give a damn about bugs on a dress, it’s her haircut that’s strange.

  11. Unattractive woman with an even uglier personality.

  12. @Leech – “Hut of Derrion”?! omg, that’s funny!

  13. Or how about a bug crawling down from her ass toward the hemline?

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