This is Tom Neuwirth in character as his drag persona Conchita Wurst. Austrian singer Wurst won the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen (whatever that is) so he’s currently enjoying notoriety in Europe. He says he is a gay man – not a transgender. Sorry, but the makeup and women’s clothes combined with the beard gives us the creeps. Can’t help it. What do you think?

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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16 thoughts on “IS CONCHITA THE WURST?

  1. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, reality comes-a-knocking.
    What it is, what does it look like. I have No answers, I don’t even have a clue to what this latest sensation is about.
    I guess this is the latest competition for Lady Gaga and Boy George!!

  2. Homosexual culture is creepy. That’s not saying that homosexuals are creepy but the culture they create is. What will homosexuals do if we finally find the genes that cause homosexuality and are able to truly cure the disease? And yes, homosexuality is a genetic disorder and thus a disease.

  3. The gay producers and promoters want to keep a steady stream of this trash going so that people will accept it as mainstream.

    Call it out for the garbage it is and continue to tell Angelo: Gay is Not OK!

  4. …..he is a true shame to all the types of real ladies!!

  5. I thought Kim K forgot to get a re-up on her laser treatments

  6. yeah, I have seen it before…It is a BIG deal in Europe.

  7. Janet, you don’t know about the Eurovision Song Contest? It’s been around for decades (60 years maybe?). ABBA came to prominence in the 1970s, after winning with “Waterloo”.

  8. Talentless irrelevant freak pushing the gay/tranny agenda even further.

  9. Hello! I saw C.Wurst in Eurovision 2014. I’m not a part of the gay community, but I just love her/him. Believe me this person has nothing creepy or ugly. C.Wurst has amazing voice, rare talent and very strong, nice personality. She created new – decent and stylish picture of a drag queen/ drag artist. That why that person is really somebody new and huge in Europe. C. Wurst and her victory is phenomenon.

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