Whitney Houston has fallen so far off the wagon (we hear it’s crack again- and booze) that Prince didn’t want her onstage with him. Houston seemed so intoxicated with her daughter at a recent performance that she was banned from future Prince shows. Apparently her “out-patient” rehab isn’t doing much good. The most alarming factor about this relapse is the sight of her daughter Bobbi Kristina, 18, looking and acting every bit as high as her mother. They were body slamming each other, singing drunkenly in each other’s arms, and doing things mothers and daughters don’t generally do. Has Bobbi become Whitney’s new “drug buddy?”


  1. I hope they both can get their addiction under control. It is heartbreaking to think that a mother and daughter are sharing the same or similar addictions. So very sad.

    It really bugs me that so many people won’t be able to enjoy Whitney’s concerts like they were in the 80’s/90’s. Her voice has is still beautiful but not as strong as it once was. Every time I ever left a Whitney Houston concert, I always thought the same thing……that she was the most powerful singer I had ever seen in concert or would ever. Those concerts were an event and her sweet voice was this incredible joyous instrument from God. I wish she could have all that back and enjoy it with her daughter.

  2. why not?

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  4. How tragic and unnerving. Nothing good is going to come of this situation. Nothing at all. This is not going to end well for either one of these ladies. It is like knowing a train is going to derail, and there is nothing to you, or anybody else can do to stop it!!

  5. Update: TMZ
    Prince To Staff: Whitney’s Welcome at My Shows!

    5/12/2011 12:25 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

    Apparently, Prince had no idea Whitney Houston had been blacklisted from his concerts … and now, The Purple One wants everyone to know “she’s always welcome 4 all of eternity.”

    TMZ had confirmed the ban with several sources connected to Prince’s tour — but Wednesday, Prince’s manager released a statement welcoming Houston to come back whenever she wants … insisting the singer enjoys having Houston in his audience.

    One extremely connected source tells us, “Someone could have taken it upon themselves to say Whitney was banned … but it did not come from Prince.”

    0509_sloppy_signs_videoThe source adds, “Whoever decided Whitney was banned did not have the authority to do so.”

    In fact, we’re told Prince invited Whitney to hang out backstage during one of his L.A. shows.

  6. Absolutely…ahead of game!

    Whit has a typical diva chip on the shoulder attitude and unfortunately those checks keep rolling in to her so she doesnt need to worry about money. She should be on a female chain gang or on her knees scrubbing floors or washing clothes and maybe it would save her life.

    Unfortunately she owes the record company so much back $$$ for recent flops, they will enable her and she will enable her fate gap toothed daughter until at least they recoop the advances.

    Please dont roll out Dionne Warwick or Cissy Houston as neither helps at all. Whit is a drug addled skank now and all words say she is once again engaged in rampant lesbianism! Hopefully fans will drop her but most will just blame it on racism….what a joke.

  7. All you have to do is replace one Bobby with another. Her voice is shoot.

  8. In recent weeks, Whitney and Bobbi Kristina stories have taken on a life of it’s own.

    @ Walt Cliff:
    Thanks for the reminder.
    In the mist of all the chaos, it is heartwarming to read your opinion/comment on this particular topic. You have given *us a chance to look back at a time when Whitney was a pop princess who Not only was a world class singer, but also had an impressive resume as an actress!!

  9. Children’s Services should have stepped in at least 4 or 5 years ago and made Bobbi a ward of the state. Bobbi experienced seeing both parents totally wasted many times and she may have even been partaking with them even at age 14. Now that she’s 18, it may be too late unless a miracle happens. And how Whitney is still alive is a present and ongoing miracle

  10. Leo,
    Wasn’t Whitney something back in the day? The notes that came from that incredible voice were mind bending.

    Patrick, Thanks for the note on Dolores Fuller. I haven’t heard that name in a long time. I always think of Ed Wood and Bela Lugosi!

  11. @ Walt Cliff:
    Always good to hear from you,
    Would you believe that Dionne Warwick was on The Talk today?? In a very moving way Dionne acknowledged that when asked about Whitney, that Whitney knew that she Needed some help, and so she is Now back into Rehab.
    As for Whitney back in the day, who could forget her sensational singing performance in The Bodyguard,fine tuned acting in Waiting to Exhale? Whitney was mentored by one of the best in the business when *we think of Clive Davis and the promotions that gave Whitney all the advantages of being a star and staying there. It is my understanding that he encouraged her to get back to work a couple of years ago, to do the album after her divorce. There was so much encouragement for Whitney to be able to bounce back because she had a ready made audience who still loved her and her music.
    When your mother is Cissy Houston and your aunts are The Sweet Inspirations. When your cousins are Dionne and Dee Dee Warwick, when your Godmother is Aretha Franklin, and when you have the voice of an angel from your early years singing in the church choir,you have been blessed with a gift,but if you throw it all away, there is No guarantee that the voice that *we all recognized, will continue to be the voice that we still want to hear. Hopefully,in the near future, there will be more positive stories about Whitney and her only child Bobbi Kristina. Stay tuned!!

  12. Right Leo…but when you head down lesbian lane, with a major racial chip on your shoulder and are enabled by all the aforementioned people it doesnt work.

    Cissy and Dionne are the worst for her,,,,home based rehab is a bigger joke than Lindsay Lohan. Rehab centers are the scam of the year. The one LL went to previously was nothing but a Signoff for Money play pen.

    Whit has not openly broken laws but there are dealers involved who certainly have….lock them all up in Mississippi and let Morgan Freeman and his wife/granddaughter be the warden.

  13. Patrick, my frank opinion on this “mother” and her unfortunate daughter is that it’s all over for Whitney, but rolling up the carpet and disposing of the body. How pathetic that those two absolute losers not only totally destroyed their own lives but bothered to bring a child into their twisted overindulgent world and proceeded to totally fuck her up to the same degree as tehy were. Well, you know the tale about the apple and the tree.
    What shocks me most, reading above that huge list of famous, talented relitives, is why they didn’t all get together and make a concerted effort to save that child early on. Those two losers had absolutely NO excuse having cusody of a child and making decisions about her upbringing. It’s paying off bigtime now, isn’t it? Bobbi Christina Needs to jion her momma in that rug and someone needs to roll them both right off the short end of the long pier. I have no pity for people who have it all and throw it away for drugs and alcohol, destroying their children in the process. I have no pity or respect for any of the three of them. And Bobby Brown owes tons of money in back child support, yet, last I heard he had ANOTHER kid in the oven with some stray hanger-on!

  14. Leo, Yes. there are some powerful voices in that family. Sissy Houston’s voice is just as unreal and mind blowing as Whitney’s was.

    There were some wonderful single female singers and female groups that came out in 80’s/90’s. Most of them were just scratching out a sound compared to what came out of Whitney’s voice.

  15. @Walt Cliff:

    Do I dare add the fact that back then music was music. Music on the radio along with the oldies were sounds that you sang to. Even now,I listen more to the oldies stations rather than trying to keep up with the New performers who are all about the video to sell their songs.
    Speaking of back in the day, please tell me that you remember when you did Not have to pump your own gas. Please tell me that you were a part of that scene when the guy ran out in rain or shine, and asked if you Needed a filler up?? Back then the guy voluntarily wiped your windshield, asked if you Needed your oil checked, and then turned around and wanted to check your tires.
    Do I dare say that the world as we knew it is yesterday’s News??
    4. I can remember going into a restaurant and the first thing the waitress did was to bring you a refreshing class of iced water, and Now -a-days, you are lucky if you get the water even if you ask for it.
    5. By Now, I can easily believe that we *all have some fascinating stories about back in the day in reference to music.
    Whether it was Sinatra, Elvis,Al Green,Barry Manilow, Temptations,Tom Jones,Martha and The Vandellas,Three Dog Night,The Carpenters,The Motown Sound,or The Bee Gees, the list go on and on about singers who’s music *we can still appreciate. As the songwriter of “I will always love you”,I had first heard Dolly Parton’s version when I saw the movie,The best little whorehouse in Texas back in the late 70’s. Who would have thought that 12 years later Whitney would turn that beautiful song into an anthem of a love song?? Susan Ford (President Gerald and Betty Ford’s daughter) said years ago that her daughter played that song so much over and over again.
    Even though Whitney acknowledged the presence
    of her faith when she first started performing and winning awards, somewhere along the line something went terribly wrong for Whitney. We can No longer blame her marriage since she has been divorced for a Number of years Now from the bad influence of Bobby Brown. I find it hard to believe that Whitney will ever be back into the upscale world of music that she fell down from. Her rendition of The Star Spangled Banner sang back in the early 90’s at The Super Bowl is still (I believe)one of the favorites!!

  16. P.S.
    Somewhere along the lines, Whitney lost sight of her self worth. It is my understanding that before Whitney’s father death, she was embroiled in a high profile lawsuit against him. This is the same father who was Mr. Mom to her when Cissy was on the road back in the day doing background and singing with The Sweet Inspirations. For years,Nippy as Whitney was called had a wonderful relationship with her father, even greater than the one that she shared with her mother. I do Not know what became of the lawsuit, but I do know that Whitney’s father has passed on. I believe there are some residual feelings for her father that were Not shared with him before his death, which could have contributed to Whitney’s falling off the wagon. Here’s hoping that this time she will be able to come home and keep her mind clear and her Nose clean!!

  17. dumb reta doesn’t realize that in this thread patrick thinks she is the poster frank.

  18. Forget Frank and forget Reta…they are just getting their jollies by posting on a gossip site…its not about them or any poster for that matter.

    Whitney is locked in her bedroom now with a Queen Latifah type between her legs and still doing her goofy singing. They will likely find her as dead as Michael Jackson one day.

  19. Hey Leo,
    Yes, I remember well going to the gas station and being met with a smile. Not only were your windshields clean but the air was checked in the tires and they would ask if you wanted the fluids under the hood checked too. I also remember when gas was actually cheap and if you didn’t have any specific plans on the weekend, you went driving with your family.

    Eating out was a major treat. I never saw a single person in our family leave a piece of beef on the plate or a drop of coke left in the glass. Coke was a big treat. We didn’t have dessert through the week. If we were really lucky, we got a small piece of homemade cake or pie on Sunday after church with Sunday lunch.

    I remember going to a historic park, museum ..etc. and mom fixing ham and biscuits or sausage and biscuits to take with us when we started out early. Then she would pack homemade fried chicken, biscuits, mashed potatoes, green beans……etc. and we would eat it at a picnic table wherever we were. If it was summer time, we would get
    a watermelon and eat like a bunch of hungry hogs.

    None of us was over weight. We ate real butter, buttermilk, gravy, homemade bread, greasy chicken, fried okra, cornbread & corn bread fried fritters, fried squash, fried
    green tomatoes, fried corn…etc. Milk was whole milk and we didn’t know what diet coke was. We worked the farm before school and after school and the weekends.

    Buttercup might have been your prize pig for the fair but it was also what you ate in a biscuit on your way to school and seasoned green beans with for supper that night. When I was grown and out on my own, there use to be a lady that sold fried tater sandwiches at lunch time. She would top the potatoes with homemade cheese and onion and a little pepper. I ate a many of those sandwiches. She’s let us eat on credit until we got paid. I think some of us would have died if it hadn’t been for her.

    When graduation came around, only two or three kids actually had money to buy a used a car or truck. People didn’t think that much about college. It was all about surviving. Those of us that did go, we went after going in the service.

    It was a poor rural southern area but I loved it then and still love it today. I love my life and wouldn’t change a thing
    about it.

  20. @ Walt Cliff:
    What a wonderful and heartwarming story that you have shared with all of us. My mouth was watering just reading about all the foods that you listed that I am so familiar with. Please tell me when the day came when we had to start paying for a cup of ice. I can remember when a stamp was 6 cents, and everyday we had to pledge allegiance to our flag. Saturdays was the day for Dick Clark and American Bandstand, and Sundays Nights were reserved for the Ed Sullivan Show. Walter Cronkite was the most trusted Name in News. I remember when Clint Eastwood was on a western called Rawhide. Flip Wilson as Geraldine,The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour, Bette Davis being one of the first movie stars to appear on Gunsmoke. Seeing Larry Hagman play a comedic role on I dream of Jeannie, and moving on up to the villainous part of J.R. Ewing. Back in the day stars were stars, there would be No way that we would know about a star going into rehab. One of Hollywood’s most hidden secrets was about Loretta Young being the mother of a beautiful
    actress Names Judy Lewis. Judy used to be on a soap back in the 60’s called The Secret Storm. Clark Gable was her father. For most of her life, Judy thought that she was the adopted daughter of Oscar Winner Loretta Young, and was led to believe that Loretta’s then husband was her father. Most of Hollywood knew that Loretta had an affair with her married co-star Clark Gable. She went away for awhile and came back to tinseltown with an adopted daughter,who in fact was her own baby. The book Common Knowledge by Judy Lewis is griping. Judy Lewis has survived the heartache of her story and the last I know of she is a psychologist
    who has done well with her life. For Bobbi Kristina to have been exposed to so much during her young life,either she was going to mature fast or fall prey to the environment that she was raised in. Maybe with Whitney being in Rehab and with all of the attention in her direction, maybe a change is on the horizon that will benefit Whitney as well as her young child. PEACE!!

  21. P.S.
    For clarification purposes:
    The pledge of allegiance was a must in the mornings at our school. That 9:00 a.m. bell would ring, and we knew it was time to honor our Nation as well as our flag!!

  22. Maybe not drug buddy but every indication is some of Whit’s lez friends have shown Bobbi the ropes…or tongue!

  23. Hey Leo, Your right about all of that. Some of those shows and people, I hadn’t really thought about in a while. Thank you for putting a much needed spark in my memory!!! lol

    I loved all those wonderful shows. To this day, I still love the Gunsmoke reruns! Judy Lewis looked more like Clark Cable than her mother, Loretta Young. I read Judy’s book (Uncommon Knowlege) and was so disappointed with Loretta’s lack of mothering. Her attitude was very much like Joan Crawford, Bette Davis and countless others that wanted children for appearance only.

    When I was a kid at school in the south, The pledge of allegiance was said daily and a short prayer immediately afterward. The same thing before a ballgame too.

  24. Walt and Leo: I hope you fellas don’t have to use the hunt and pecker system. lol. To this day, my brother wishes he had taken typing in high school, as he has to use the hunt and pecker system and it would take him a while to type all this interesting stuff re: memory lane.

  25. Hi Indy, I’m fortunate to be a fairly decent typist. I’ve had to do a bunch of typing in the last few decades. Your a southern boy Indy so I should have known when I started mentioning fried corn, okra, fried green tomatoes, fried chicken, gravy, corn bread fritters …etc. that you would come running. LOL . For dessert tonight, I’m having blackberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream.

  26. LOL @ Walt. But, I’m a female, not male, my full name is Christine India; that’s where I got my nickname. PS: That’s my kind of eatin’.

  27. @Indy:
    Thanks again for the Elvis nostalgia.
    @Walt Cliff:
    Thank you for mentioning the prayers.Yes our classes also had prayer in the mornings. I have heard a-many people say (over the years) that prayer should have Never been taken out of the schools, and even Now I am inclined to believe it. Thanks for sharing the importance of a time in our lives that (I believe) have influenced a lot of the directions that have helped to map out who we are Now.
    2. It was so surprising about Loretta Young, considering the fact of how beautiful and well dressed she was on her show. To think that behind the scenes (as a mother) she was a cross between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis as far as being emotionally void for her young daughter. It is amazing that Judy Lewis could live with her own mother for years, and Not know this was her mother because she had been led to believe that her own mother had adopted her. Now that is enough to mess with your mind. To hear the *rumors that ladies’ man and sex symbol Clark Gable is your father, and Never be in his presence, except the 1 time when you she was a baby and he came to look at her,and she was much too young to have been able to know that he had seen her as his child. Later in life when Clark (now deceased) was honored, and she saw her step-sibling John Clark Gable Jr.(from his last marriage)Judy could Not reach out to him. Sad and Enough suffering for one young woman to have to deal with.I will say it again, as a psychologist she has done very well for herself. It is also a well known fact that our Labor Day Ambassador Jerry Lewis was also a father void in love for his children. We *all know the grande dame of childhood cruelty was Joan Crawford better known as “Mommie Dearest” to her daughter Christina who had the courage to write the book, which opened up a lot of hidden cases of child abuse when a lot of people were able to recognize themselves and the freedom of suffering in silence for years because of the denial of “trauma” that they had experienced over the years that they accepted as normal behavior from parents and so-called loved ones who had been inflicting untold of pain and emotional chaos in the lives of the very young children,and young adults that they were supposed to love. Bobbi Christina probably has enjoyed everything that money can buy,but there is No amount of money that will be able to replace what she has lost in relationship with her own mother who can Not tell her how to behave if she Needs counseling and rehab to keep her in check.
    3.In the past few years, through her love and relationship with Joel Madden and the *responsibility of her young children, Nicole Richie has been able to straighten out her life,even though as the daughter of Brenda and Lionel Richie she had a lot of advantages that introduced her into the show biz arena.
    Okay Walt Cliff:
    The mouth watering thought of blackberry cobbler and Vanilla Ice Cream is more than my taste buds can handle.
    As the old saying goes, I can resist anything except temptation. I am going to take a break and go have a “dessert dish” of strawberry slices with (guilt free) Neapolitan Ice Cream. No other details about my fabulous dessert!!

  28. Just read that Bobbi Kristina is in rehab as well. Whitney tried to put her in rehab and she said she was not going unless Whitney did. Now they are both in separate outpatient rehabs. It’s a start at least.

  29. Indy, Oops, I am so very sorry for referring to you as a fellow! Hope I got the southern part right. : )


    Leo, I am glad you mentioned Joan Crawford’s adopted daughter, Christina, book “Mommy Dearest”. When the book first came out, some people commented that Christina was just getting back at her mom and the book couldn’t possibly be true. Then year after year more people and other celebrity kids brought up stories of how bad Christina and her brother were treated. Many that are documented in their own bios. Crawford was just a mean old selfish bitch.

    Neapolitan Ice Cream & strawberries? Sounds so good to me. I may have to give that a whirl this weekend !!!

  30. @Walt Cliff:
    At one time Christina Crawford was on the 60’s soap The Secret Storm.Christina had to go into the hospital for a medical procedure. Can you just imagine the audacity of Joan Crawford actually convincing the powers that be at the show to let her fill in for Christina’s role on the show?? The age difference of playing a younger person in a role with the claim of trying to keep Christina from losing her job on the show. Another tidbit worth telling, Joan and Bette Davis actually hated each other. Another set of family feuds were between Oscar Winning Sisters Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine. These 2 sisters have been feuding for years. Demi Moore had finally come to terms in a respectable relationship with her mother before her mother passed on, but Jennifer Aniston is still angry at her mother about an interview that she gave years ago, and has Never forgiven her. That is probably one of the reasons that Aniston is alone and lonely. Angelina seems to have made up with her Dad, Jon Voight. I still believe that Whitney has some residual heartbreak from Not making up with her father before his death. Dean Martin’s daughter Deanna wrote an autobiography a few years ago. Even though she claims that she loved her father deeply,there are a lot, a lot of family secrets revealed that we did Not absolutely have to know.
    I don’t know how many on these pages remember Jay North. He was the actor who played Dennis the Menace. On the show he was so believable as the little rascal with a heart of gold,but behind the scenes he was a victim of abuse. He hated everything and everyone Not associated with that show. That show was an outlet to give him freedom from an abusive home environment. We all know how Gary Coleman ended up, made millions as a child star,poor money management through his parents’ greed. At a time when he should have been able to relax, and take care of his health issues,he was working as a security guard and being sued by a shopper who claimed that Gary Coleman ruffed her up. A couple of years ago, he was on a 2 part Divorce Court with Shannon his wife. He couldn’t live with her, and couldn’t live without her. In the end he was divorced from her before his death. She sold pictures of him to the ragmags while he was in the hospital, and tried to claim to the end that she was still married to him, which was proven that she wasn’t.
    In a full circle Bobbi Kristina has been around the influence of a father from a talent group of young men, and a songbird mother from a talent family of singing sensations. Hopefully the Next story about Bobbi Christina and her Mother will be a healthier dose of reading material.
    My mouth is still watering from the visualization of that blackberry cobbler &&&
    Vanilla Ice Cream!!

  31. Walt, The “Y” would indicate a male. Anyway, Southern, yes, and near the Big Muddy, which thankfully didn’t get in my area. Many others tho, as we all know, are suffering mightily. This is a sign of the Last Days, referred to in Saint Luke, where it says ..the sea and waves will be roaring..

  32. Leo, I have read several places that Joan was so jealous of Christina that when she stood in for her on the soap opera that she did it purposely to ruin Christina’s job. She couldn’t stand for someone else to shine.

    It’s sad to me that Gary Coleman was so starved for companionship (as in friendship) and so distrustful of others that he would put up with that crazy ex wife Shannon. She took photos of him at his most sensitive and fragile. If you remember so did Dana Plato’s boyfriend. There’s some mean people out there.

    Sorry Strom. I get carried away talking about the good ole days & food. lol


    Indy, I’m glad the flooding didn’t get to you either. It’s around me some but didn’t get me. I agree about the end of days. God bless us all.

  33. CSL,,,,goofy Whitney is someone you shurely can relate too…..reports are she is now steeped in lesbianism big time….no going back!

  34. and now she wants to change her name. Why isnt she in school? One more arrogant BLACK here with access to money (for a while).

  35. There is nothing more arrogant than this girl with access (until it runs out) to money. She will turn out much worse than her mother. No talent, no education, no looks: Montana Fishburne wannabe!

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