Because she was nominated for her song Be Alive from King Richard, Beyonce is blessing the Oscars with a much-needed live performance on the show. The website Gawker has calculated the it is highly probable that Beyonce is NOT vaccinated. The Oscars require that all nominees and guests show proof of vaccination and negative tests before they can attend the show. Strangely, PERFORMERS and presenters will only need to be tested in accordance with LA County rules. Did the Academy have different rules for performers because they REALLY want Beyonce on the show? Also suspicious- recently Beyonce did NOT attend the ceremony when her husband Jay-Z was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame– where proof of vaccination was required.

Photo: Beyonce in her Ivy Park fashions


3 thoughts on “IS BEYONCE ANTI-VAX?

  1. This woman is one of the most over-hyped individuals on the planet.

    Does she vax or not – who cares!

  2. Janet it is not a “vax”. Stop promoting this garbage, it’s disgusting. Do you know how many people died from this crap?

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