We never thought much about Bulgarian videos until Simon Doonan suggested that this singer Azis is worth investigating. Simon thinks Azis is a prime candidate for the title of “The New Liberace.” Frankly, we’ve never seen so much titillating material packed into one video. Those Bulgarians are wilder than we realized. Take a deep breath and take a look.

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  1. That is some of the spookiest, most disgusting s@it I’ve ever seen…

  2. It’s about as close to gay porn as you’ll get 🙂

  3. I could give less than damn what gays do in the privacy of their homes, but I don’t want to see men touching or kissing. When women touch each other it doesn’t so seem weird, but with guys it does.

  4. I always seem to get in trouble on this site over whether or not gay celebs should come out or be outed. The question is why?

    Well, here you have one prime reason. If gay celebs came out, they would advance the cause of gay rights. And gays would not be seen as weird, alternative and subculture, and then lame un-interesting putzes like Adam Lambert could not sleazily exploit their homosexuality to get a bit of fame and money.

    It is over thirty years since David Bowie appeared on a record cover in a dress, and claimed to be Bi. Enough already. Let’s move on.

  5. a whisker must feel like a vagina when he gives blowjobs?

  6. Sebastian you are 100% dead on, I was thinking the same thing. Besides being disturbed by the blonde beard with the heavy eyeshadow, and wondering what the hell any of it meant. I suppose something must have been lost in translation. It just goes to show however how different we are (puritanical) from some other countries if this is the going acceptible visuals for videos. I also was thinking while watching it that Lambert should get together with this dude and do a colaberation. They both seem to relish utter flash and exposure above all else (talent?).
    As Sebastian noted Bowie was a very long time ago in coming forward and brilliantly. I don’t think anyone gave a shit then and certainly no one does now. Just love me some Bowie either way, and Elton too, and Freddie Mercury…this world would surely be a sadder place without these wonderful talents. As for this blonde-bearded dude…doesn’t do a THING for me…all flash and no show!

  7. The question is, why is Janet hyping this?

    I’ve seen it all this is ehhh no big deal, really. Decent costumes good looking video nothing special nor shocking to me.

  8. Love the music and the video. Thanks Janet for trying to open some minds here. All this homophobia is painful to see.

  9. He was featured on few years ago.At some point Perez was obsessed with this freak.hahaha!

  10. He needs to enunciate more. Didn’t understand a word he said!

  11. Janet is hyping it because:

    1. She is getting paid by their publicist’s
    2. It is her idea of an exclusive
    3. So Sebastian will have something in common w/ himself

  12. LOL Strom! Of all the guys who shop at Dildoes R Us, you must be the funniest.

  13. 1984 was the year of gender-bending. Club kids and trendoids in big cities around the world dressed in drag, and made Boy George look like a school marm. It was a trannie party that should have made this issue moot forever. Unfortunately the last two decades were a slide backward.

  14. Sebastian. there you go! Right again! You are sometimes (most times) like a walking/typing time machine of information. You take me right back to those days, and I of course forgot all about dear George O’Dowd in my above list of gay singers who impressed the hell out of me, but I gladly add him now…just too bad he didn’t stay in the race like his contemporaries did. That Elton and Bowie are STILL fabulous and brilliant is wonderful, and just too too tragic that we lost someone as talented as Freddie Murcury so soon. At least we have some brilliant recordings of his we can always listen to if we want to hear a REAL singer with range (and not screaming like Lambert does). Boy George was incredible when he first arrived on the scene, had a beautiful and unique voice, and he himself was actually beautiful too. It’s sad to see what he has become. Elton got himself clean (finally) and lost all that blubber of excessive living, it’s just too bad that George doesn’t do the same and make a great comeback. I hope he doesn’t continue to be nothing but a Rosie O’Donell hand puppet. In fact, I think she already got bored with him and tossed him aside. Such a waste of talent!

  15. Reta, I soooo agree about Mercury. I was a huge Kate Bush fan growing up. People often thought of Peter Gabriel as the male and female sides of the same coin. But I always think of Mercury as Kate’s male equivalent – beautiful voice, complex genius, artsy and unpretentious at the same time, CHARMING AND WONDERFUL!

  16. Oop! People thought of Kate and Peter as the male and female sides of the same coin.

  17. Janet likes to stir the pot with this filth. I think she reads all the comments

  18. Freddie of Queen died of AIDS didn’t he?

    How many did he infect? I agree w/ Lenny that I dont care what fags or lezzies do at home, but it usually doesnt stay at home.

    Proust was also a faggot but never led any gay parades or gay marriage marches.

  19. “The decline and fall of the Roman Empire”.

    Substitute America for the R.E.

  20. Indy, we’ve been on the decline for along time, this just tells you how fast it’s going.

  21. Laziness and stupidity are much great contributors to the fall of the American Empire (and I do not separate Canada from this, so don’t go on about Commie Canadian anti-Americanism).

    Strom, once you come out of the closet, all that twisted anger will begin to fade. Take the stick out of your ass and consider getting a dick up your ass.

  22. Oh please! “strom” either is a hungry pig bottom or a dirty hungry pig bottom for BLACK MEN. I am sure of it.

  23. Sexual images aside (those were some hot pink undies), that video was so bad, I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

  24. reta is so GHETTO! she’s white with a hispanic son, and shacking with a black man. he’ll never commit because black men don’t!

    now what white woman has a hispanic son and shacks with a black man who won’t commit. a confused white woman, a white woman who can never go back!

    must have got with hez and darnell to upset mommy and daddy!

  25. And after all the charming conversation, it is time for Tea.

  26. BFD. Sounds like Indian music on steroids.

    And, I didn’t know Liberace sang and it doesn’t appear this dude plays the ivories.

  27. Casonia Sade Logenberry... Some woman are so hateful at Hells kitchen and the lack of Respect and the lack of appreciation. The man are lost and can't understand the menu says:

    Good luck to your future and I Do wish you well and your taking music in a whole nother direction and that is something that the public have to get used to and you have some nerves and you got something that no one has and that is a gift and style that you have made your own.

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