Photo: Bob Bonis

Rolling Stone featured some Lost Beatles photos in their last issue and we love this one from their first visit to Los Angeles. They arrived her in August, 1964, for their concert at the Hollywood Bowl. The Ambassador Hotel cancelled their reservations because they were afraid of the mobs of fans that followed The Beatles. British actor Reginald Owen saved the day and rented his Bel Air mansion (above) to them for the four days they were in town.


  1. I gotta say I am too often nostalgic for the simpler eras gone by…. everything is all terrorists and rabid republicans and foreclosures and just a constant bullshit bullshit bullshit GRIND for too many today…..

    the beatles will always rule.i still
    have my original LP’s of their first stuff…
    all their stuff really. VINYL!!

  2. Man, I look at the photo and see those incredibly young and talented kids with an amazing future ahead of them…….and of course, one that will be silenced far too early.

  3. I never got their appeal, I’ll take the Stones any day over the Beatles

  4. yep, since that time only LOSERS were attracted to them……….

  5. I saw this pic a while back in either the L.A. Times or S.F. Chronicle.
    Excellent snapshot of the Mad Men era.
    Ringo is hiding a doobie in his right hand.
    American? W.T.F. Beatles, Stones, KinKs,Yardbirds/Zepplin!
    If it ended at Moptops that would have been sad indeed.
    Now go back to waving your arms like a seagull and staring at the lino.

  6. PIT: I agree with you completely! And I feel sorry for the kids and youth of today who can never feel or experience what we grew up thru. It truly was a magical time.

  7. Casonia Logenberry and Well Wishes to Chef Gordon Ramsay Family and Friends! So much good cooking on Masterchef that it was a Yummy moment for all three judges. Hells kitchen is full of Hell? says:

    The Beatles where not Cute to me or Blow my mind! I Strickly like the Music and that is it and they are a part of History and there Music will live forever and ever in are Minds and Hearts and Souls and is John Lennons first born son ever going to have any children.? The Blood lines need to go on.

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