Walt Disney is high on our list of Most Admired People so we were itching to see “Saving Mr. Banks.” Although it isn’t really ABOUT Walt Disney, it’s a great story and really entertaining. There are many delicious and colorful Los Angeles scenes at LAX, The Beverly Hills Hotel, Grauman’s Chinese Theater, and Disneyland in the glorious early 60’s. We’ll take Tom hanks as Walt Disney over Tom Hanks as Captain Phillips any day…


  1. Since Janet admires Disney who hated both blacks & Jews, now we know why Janet never deletes the racist posts by strom & xyz.
    She is strom & xyz!

  2. “Walt Disney is high on our list of Most Admired People”

    The communist sympathizer? REALLY?

  3. I watched the trailer. Why does WD sound almost southern? He wasn’t southern, was he?

  4. Poor Becca….spewing hate at those who don’t share her rainbow ideas.

    Walt neither hated BLACKS or jews and that lie was turned over long ago. Those who look for special treatment or a free ride always throw out slander against successful people who make it on their own.

  5. Poor Becca….if it’s not BLACK or Gay, it doesn’t seem to be ok, with you! Therefore you spout the old tales about Walt that have been shown to be inaccurate.

    Next you will sweat Whitney Houston was straight and wasn’t a cokehead!

  6. @Strom

    “you spout the old tales about Walt that have been shown to be inaccurate.”

    See you didn’t have much to say about hie communist connection though…

  7. He was born in Chicago and spent much of his early life in Missouri.

    He was not communist and was supposedly supplying the FBI info on perceived Communist sympathizers during the McCarthy era.

    He was not gay and didn’t ask the government to supply food stamps or an Obama phone.

  8. They’re not Obama phones, the program was created by the Bush administration!

  9. Okay, what about the sexual perversity rumors that is running rampant about WD (and they have for years)?

  10. I have heard rumors forever that WD was gay. I don’t like Hanks because he is a liberal f***ott lover.

  11. @Strom-
    “He was not communist…”

    Uh, he absolutely attended some of the meetings they were having when they were trying to influence the Hollywood big shots. Do your homework Stromy..i

  12. Poor Frank….WD was 180 degrees from a commie.

    Poor Becca…your Obama phone must have rung that inaccurate post in! If it isn’t rainbow it must not register.

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