Britney Spears has said she wants to marry and have more children, but her hot young boyfriend Sam Asghari, 27, has NOT proposed. Why not? The answer is simple: as long as Jamie Spears is in charge, Sam knows there would be an iron-clad pre-nup. He doesn’t want anything to get in his way. Britney is perfectly happy having whatever man she’s with run her life and tell her what to do. Sam is probably the smartest and most ambitious of Britney’s boyfriends and he would be delighted to take charge of her life and fortune. (He’s been waiting patiently) If Britney’s conservatorship ends, just watch and see how quickly Sam proposes!

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  1. Agree. Makes you wonder why Britney has changed her tune on the Conservatorship. AND so many doctors have testified that she needs a Conservatorship due to her mental health. Could it be that her current boyfriend is already calling the shots and directing what she says? Is he getting impatient to be calling the shots financially too?

    Really hope she has a thorough medical exam before they lift the Conservatorship.

  2. Well, if the conservatorship is ended – so will Britney’s money pile.

    This guy is a player and will be the worst thing to happen to BS. She clearly cannot see the reality in things and is bound to make poor decisions that will cost her dearly.

  3. I am sure something will remain in place and she has been warned. She lacks life skills and I don’t think she is an idiot. Many women choose horrible men that take their money and don’t have a conservatorship. Heck, jails have husbands in jail for killing wifes for insurance polices and they were not under lock and key and allowed to screw up. People want her greedy papa who is on Janet’s payroll to keep using that gal… It’s over greedy papa… She may need help but it ain’t your greedy butt. Go have a drink.

  4. Even if the conservership ends, there will still be an iron clad prenup, because the new lawyers will make sure of it.

  5. Britney will make her mistakes, she’s not terribly sophisticated due to her upbringing and lack of normal socialization when she was young. Due to her family! Plus she’s been frozen in time and under the tight control of an alcoholic with 2 restraining orders against him for child abuse. Is it any wonder she craves a family so desperately but goes about it in the wrong ways? But if everyone on earth was placed under a conservatorship that screwed up financially, romantically etc… about half the adult population would be under tight constraints. I’ve known people who’ve had many severe psychotic breaks, who are less high functioning than Britney, that didn’t have to live like this. Drop it. Like it or not people like her (as imperfect as she may be) is not what conservatorships were made for. And please no “I told you so.”

  6. Sam has been teaching her the Koran line by line. For years. He’s a believer in Sharia Law. you will see Britney in a full burka as soon as the money starts flowing into his bank account.

  7. Sam is playing the long game and waiting patiently for his time. I do think Sam is controlling everything that Brittney says. You know he wants her to get pregnant so he can get child support. Hopefully she gets an iron clad prenup.

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