Now THIS is funny. One of the criminals who robbed Kim Kardashian four years ago when she was in Paris for Fashion Week, has written a book on his experience titled “I KIDNAPPED KIM KARDASHIAN.” We’ve heard Kim’s version of the event, now we can hear the robber’s story. You might remember, it was the biggest robbery of a single individual in France in 20 years. Three months later, 12 men were arrested for the crime – the five men who actually broke into the Kardashian apartment were aged from 60 to 72 and dubbed the “grandpa robbers “ in the press. One of the men tied up Kim with cables and tape and put her in the bathtub. The crooks got away with 10.8 million dollars worth of jewelry (on bicycles no less!) and it was never found. The book’s author Yunice Abbas, 67, called it “the perfect crime.” The embarrassed night watchman at the luxury building where Kim was staying is trying to seize any profits from book sales.

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