It’s funny how people react to the news that Hugh Hefner, 84, just got engaged to his 24 year old Playmate girlfriend Crystal Harris. Some people laugh, some are horrified, and others are outraged. Hello – we’ve seen it all before with Anna Nicole Smith and her 89 year old billionaire in a wheelchair, J Howard Marshall. In fact, this is a fairly common situation when it comes to lonely billionaires and aspiring blondes. Whether Hef will really go on with a wedding remains to be seen, but that ring bought him the attentive company of Crystal Harris for the time being. Hef just wants to have fun and enjoy his money in his declining years. And why shouldn’t he? He worked for it. Crystal Harris knows she will never have to worry about money again. Two happy people. What’s the big deal?


  1. Meh! Playboy isn’t doing so well, and I wouldn’t want to stay in an old, musty mansion.

    There won’t be a wedding, but I’m sure Holly is pissed. She’s more attractive than Holly btw.

    But when will old, white men be able to tell a natural blond from a bottled one?

  2. I’m thinking how sad Holly Madison must be about all of this. I think she truly loved Hef, maybe still does, and wanted to marry him. But, just like Kimberly Conrad, this new honey is going to get tired, and very quickly, of Hef’s lifestyle… which is basically staying home all day in jammies and watching old movies.
    Oh, and look at the new honey’s eyebrows and roots. She’s a brownette! 🙂

  3. Hey now, Hef is a fine upstanding moral individual. I’m sure he will make an honest woman out of Crystal, who is obviously a clean-cut moral girl, or else he would not even date her. Do not doubt the fact that there will be no hanky-panky until the wedding. They are in love and they will wait to even French kiss until after they say their I do’s.

  4. …everyone who is blind can “see” this is real love, folks!!

  5. Congratulations Hef,

    If there is a man on the horizon that know women, it is Hugh Hefner. He was smart enough to have Marilyn Monroe pose for the first cover of his new magazine (Playboy)way back in the day (1953).Hef continues to be smart,even smart enough to let his daughter run Playboy Enterprises.Hef may be a man who is always surrounded by women,both men and women like being in his company. He was smart enough to turn The Playboy Mansion into a business as well as his home. If Hef had wanted to marry Holly,the two of them would have married. So many times when a couple is in a long term relationship,when the woman checks out, the next woman that comes into his life is the one he decides to marry. Getting engaged to Crystal on Christmas Eve was no fluke,it was what Hef wanted to do. If a man is with an older wealthy woman, he is known as a gigolo. If a young woman is with a wealthy man, she is Labeled a gold digger.
    Hugh Hefner has been around forever, he knows the rules because he made a lot of those rules.To be 84 years young and have a beauty by your side is not your ordinary story. As Playboy’s # 1 Playa, there is nothing ordinary about the life and loves of Hugh Hefner.Crystal had a life of her own, she was not waiting around to meet Hugh Hefner. At 24 and 84,these two lovebirds were born in Tiger Years which should keep the passion in action. All the best to Hef and his favorite bunny!!

  6. @ Leo

    Which one of Hef’s staff earned a bonus to write the bunch of crap above???

    I don’t think anyone necessarily cares that this chick is marrying a corpse. I think the “outrage” people may be feeling is in deference to Holly Madison and the all too familiar instance of guys stringing a girl along for years and then after they break up, are engaged to some other chick within a matter of months. That’s some old bullsh**

  7. Go dude go!!
    I wouldn’t let her out of bed.
    Look, LOOK, he’s doing his lip stretching exercises!
    Lucky old lech.

  8. @James,
    Prosperous New Year,
    and thanks for reading my comment.
    It is a well known fact,when a couple date for a long time (like in the case of Hef and Holly)
    when the couple break up,the man more often than not ask the next woman to marry him.Some people even refer to it as being on the rebound. I am stating that **in this case. I do not claim to be that well informed about Holly Madison, but one tidbit that I will share is the ***fact that Holly did want to marry Hef.Now seriously, did she really want to marry Hef knowing that she had shared him so openly with other women? Could she have truly trusted those vows that were going to be presented to them in all seriousness? Holly voluntarily moved out of The Playboy Mansion when Hugh Hefner indicated that he was not marrying again. This was Holly’s choice to move on. The heart only knows another heart,and absence may make the heart grow fonder,but Hef did not leave Holly.She is the one who packed her bags and left.It is not as if he carried on a full fledged romance with Crystal while Holly was waiting in the wings (so to speak). I can understand the backlash
    about the possibility of Holly’s Heartbreak at Hef’s proposal to Crystal,but we have to recognize the fact,that Holly Madison left a window of opportunity open for any other woman that might enter Hugh Hefner’s life.
    With respect for your opinion and comment. PEACE!!

  9. Playboy is over and then some. Hef’s daughter is not running his empire anymore. This chick will be lucky to get corn chips once he is dead.

  10. holly’s bouncing on a much younger peen and with a reality $eries. so she’s more than fine. or at least i would be.

    i wonder what hef really smells like? ewww…

  11. I imagine the prenup will be based on ex amount of money per every year she spends with Huf; perhaps $100,000.00 per year? No way will she be able to get her hands on any true assets that Hef owns.

  12. What’s the big deal? It is horrifying to marry somebody SIXTY years older than you are. Ladies, would any of you want to give him a b/j or let him crawl on top of you? Shudder, not enough money in the world.

  13. “Which one of Hef’s staff earned a bonus to write the bunch of crap above???”

    Funny. Nice work.

  14. This is beyond the pale, even for Hugh Hefner. I mean really. Is he that gung ho on the concept of wedded bliss…that he has to make a mockery of it… keep relevant….before he croaks. The answer is, of course, yes. Bring on the wedding cake and the let the grotto be fully Cloxored. It’s weddin’ time at the mansion. Gross. Hef is a hilbilly horndog with no humility.

  15. Leo
    well written SPIN.
    Pimp Papa HH is an eldery bisexual in love with no-one but himself and his children.

    This SHOWMANCE a lame PR stunt.

    But if he wanted to have a better FAUXMANCE he should have re-hired Holly, that would make for better pre$$.

  16. Exactly, It’s a business deal, that enriches both. You folks can be quite naive. Love, commitment, etc. has nothing to do with this. Holly is now famous, and all the others, this girl who is talented / or otherwise, has a media presence now.
    I knew one of his live in girls from about 20 years ago. She had big breasts, and the brains of a single celled creature. No one ever hears about Carrie Lee any more.

  17. But of course love has nothing to do with it…..I just thought Hef was a better business person. Why didn’t he do what Mel Zipskin here suggested and play out the “reality script” with Holly. It has good ‘ole American romance, it has birth (as Holly wants a baby) and it has RATINGS!!!!! Whoever is doling out Hef’s meds needs to coordinate with the image machine, which seems to be asleep at the Playboy Enterprise Wheel.

  18. Boy she must really want to live in the 90210-
    its a trade off her fresh flesh for living in a Mansion that the corporation owns and will soon be sold..

    I wonder what her weekly pay is?

    Would she love him if he lived in an apt in the Valley? DOUBT IT
    Is she allowed to leave? or is she on duty 24 /7

  19. Congrats to Hef on the engagement! I love Girls Next Door and the spinoffs too. I work for DISH Network, and I happy that now that I have dropped DIRECTV, I can enjoy all of my favorite E! shows in HD.

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