The speculation that chef Giada De Laurentiis and her husband Todd Thompson were splitting up has been going around for quite awhile. We were just about to dismiss the idea when she announced they are, indeed, divorcing after 11 years together and one six year old daughter. They built this house together in Pacific Palisades in 2007, and we wonder if she will keep it. It’s 3,160 sq ft, 4 bedrooms , 3 baths, and has a sundeck on top for entertaining. Now those rumors about Giada and Matt Lauer will heat up! He always gets very excited when she appears on The Today Show. (By the way, if you haven’t tried Giada’s pasta sauce (sold only at Target) do so – it’s yummy!)


  1. I read a blind report about a famous female chef that would personally meet with any black men fans. She turned out to be the answer.

  2. She is gonna keep that baby! A bit like how Maria Sharapova is gonna probably pocket all that charity money from her candy line. As where is there any sort of a disclosure about how it’s spent… Beside being funneled outside of the USA to where?

    Go to here website and see just how old those press releases are. Times do change…. And it doesn’t look like she eating any of those Gummy Bears, which tend to stop guys up if they eat too many.

  3. Giada’s products are not sold at Target. Giada endorsed those products just like she endorsed her children’s book which she did not write.

    Giada gave a statement because she is desperate to be in the press. Giada would do anything to continue her public persona.

  4. Where does Larry King live at ? You folks do know his wife & he, have a podcast. Go download few shows… Like the Jon Vought interview.

    Think that’s the one where Larry fishes something green out of his ear. Super old wax! He might go to doctor to go have that douched out.

  5. I just saw an old article where Giada’s father used to rape her for years when she was young. I feel very sorry for her now. No wonder she has issues.

  6. From what I read.. Giada’s bossy, demanding all attention, weirdly detached from care of being caught and for a long time she was cheating, so very deceptive.. poor little daughter if she’s given to learn such sad traits from this egotistical hag, better she live with the loving dad.. who is always a gentleman with class. Give me Ina, Paula and Rachel Ray..

  7. A recent pic of Matt’s long-suffering wife tells the tale; she looks sad and worn out. He is a cheat and all on the Today Show know it. They are pretty sure the kid of Natalie Morales is Matt’s, the affair they carried on when traveling to the Olympics.

  8. what did you think?
    …………..HE IS MADE FOR W.NKING, folks!!

  9. Both Natalie’s sons look like her freaky looking husband with his crazy eyebrows.

  10. Seems as though phony chef Giada has a thing for screwing BLACKS?

    Send all this trash to the UK, if they will have them. If not to Romania or Russia!

  11. no wonder Matt gets excited, Giada’s nickname is “the BJ queen” after all

  12. Where are you people getting this so called info from? I’m quite sure she never said anything to anyone. This is just a simple divorce people, let it go.

  13. check out the blinds on “blindgossip”

    there are 2 newest ones that are obviously about her.

    there was an old one about her..she was staying at a hotel every night there was different man entering her room..she was extremely loud during sex many heard the “noises”

  14. Well isn’t she known, like Taylor Momsen and little Bob, as being very agreeable to opening the BACK DOOR?

  15. True, isn’t she known, like Taylor Momsen and little Bob, as being very agreeable to opening the BACK DOOR?

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