While Quentin Tarantino is cooling off in Iceland whenever he has the chance, in 2003 Daryl Hannah’s new romance had already hit a snag!
She had been keeping company with her temperamental Kill Bill director Quentin Tarantino and they had a movie date at an upscale Hollywood theater. After they bought tickets the pair dawdled in the lobby cafe and tried to enter the movie ten minutes after it started. The usher refused – theater policy is no admittance after the film begins. Quentin had a hissy fit and when the usher wouldn’t budge he demanded the manager. Daryl looked embarrassed and uncomfortable while Quentin yelled at the manager about unfair rules. The manager politely acknowledged Tarantino but stood by the no entry policy. Quentin pulled wide-eyed Daryl by the hand and stalked out yelling “When my new movie Kill Bill comes out – IT”S NOT PLAYING HERE!

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  1. Tarantino used to work at Mann’s Chinese Theatre in the late 1980’s,
    specifically 1987-89.

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