Domestic violence is never a laughing matter, but we can’t help but smirk at this one. This long-suffering wife has put up with more than her share of humiliation, thanks to her powerful and talkative A-list husband. From his very public indiscretions to his toxic tongue, our beauty has been cleaning up his messes for years: BUT NO MORE! Behind closed doors she has started to beat the crap out of him! They couldn’t even attend their annual holiday party because he was so scratched up from her rage. His kids from a previous marriage all know what’s happening, but they stay out of it because she has SO much dirt on THEM that she could reveal! SHE’S THE BOSS now.


12 thoughts on “HOLLYWOOD WHODUNIT

  1. Diane, I would agree except don’t think he’s on any A list, unless that list includes the word that has 2 consecutive Ss in it and ends with hole!!

  2. Melania. She knows Ivanka is really a lesbian with numerous female lovers including the model Karlie Kloss. She would also know that Trump’s adult sons are drug addicts and have ties to the mob.

  3. Go for it, Melania! Rip what’s left of tRump’s pathetic scalp puppet out by the roots. Scratch his little pink pig eyes out. Enjoy yourself.
    Even for as despicable a person as you are, you’ve suffered enough. “A person who marries for money earns every cent.”

  4. Melania – That woman certainly isn’t in love with that bloated fool.

  5. Hollywood Insider leak indicates the answer is:

    She – Paula Abdul

    He – Black Corey Clark

  6. I’m so glad to hear there is some domestic violence that amuses you!

    The next time we hear about some doll getting bounced around the inside of a car by her boyfriend and she STAYS WITH HIM, we will know she is there because she WANTS TO BE THERE!

    After all, her body…her choice. Right?

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