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THAT was fast. Jude law and Sienna Miller are not only engaged, but they’re planning a summer wedding in the UK. They were first engaged in 2006 but Sienna broke it off when Jude had an affair with his children’s nanny. This year Jude, 37, and Sienna, 28 hooked up again in New York where they were both appearing on Broadway. The wedding plans leaked out to the UK’s Daily Mail when Sienna asked her sister Savannah to design her a wedding dress. The pair intend to have a second wedding in New York because they now consider it home.

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  1. Since they both have less morals than an alley cat, they deserve each other.

  2. I give it two weeks. Neither one of them knows the meaning of the word commitment.

  3. It doesn’t matter how many places or times they get “married”, they’re BOTH jokes and it won’t last. Neither of them has the slightest idea what a commitment is, or how to be loyal to a mate. I just hope they are both under good Dr’s care, because there’s going to be some NASTY germs floating around between the two of these skanks!

  4. The plans leaked when she asked her sister to design the dress? Is her sister the leak or does the tabs tap her phone? This sounds fishy to me. They are probably trying to get publicity and nothing more.

  5. Jude looks like such an asshole to me, I don’t get his appeal at all.

  6. I don’t think her being knocked up would have anything to do with anything. He has kids all over the place and I don’t think he took the time to marry ANY of the mothers!

  7. During the time they were broken up, wonder how many germs and bacteria were passed on to their over lusts (I mean loves), who in turn passed them on to others. Can’t stand either one of them.

  8. Get your facts straight. He was married to the mother of his three elder children for quite a number of years! But I don’t think this marriage — when they do get married — will last!

    Without him tho, nobody would have heard of her and maybe she’ll make a good movie one of these days!

  9. there are more americans alive who act like this FAGGOT & SISSY-BOY?

  10. This guy is a white Tiger Woods without the golf club. The problem is he’s just not in the media that much. He’s got kids and ex-ho’s almost everywhere, and she’s not that much better.

  11. Married Balthazar Getty and Sienna were hot and heavy about a year and half ago. Pics were all over the place, her 1/2 nude on a balcony frenching. Both she and Jude are rotten, let them stew in their own rotten mess, they’ll get paid back one day.

  12. I truly believe that if you took all the men in the entire world, you might find an even dozen who wouldn’t cheat if the opportunity was presented in a sexy and willing package.

    It’s just part of the male psyche. After all, they were created to run around inseminating everything in sight.

    I don’t see that he’s any worse than millions of others.

    But, then again, to me he’s just a wonderful actor with great appeal on screen.

    Other than that, what he does, or who he does, is none of my business. I pay money to see him act. Period.

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