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Mike Comrie knows how to sweep a girl off her feet. Hilary Duff was usually the bigger breadwinner in her previous romances and she finally has a guy who can more than keep up with her. Mike gave Hillary a hundred thousand dollar Mercedes for her birthday, so it figures he’d give her an million dollar engagement ring (12 karats with a 1 karat stone on each side. It was custom made by a jeweler named Leroy in Las Vegas) The Edmonton Oiler hockey player comes from a wealthy family, so Hilary has never has to pick up the check. The contented pair is now looking at ten million dollar houses in Beverly Hills.


  1. How did she catch rich, kinda cute man. I have heard she has a really bitching personality.

  2. Good for her. I hope she gets married and lives a life time happily with this man.

  3. This ring reminds me of Tom Hanks’ house. Way too big and overpriced. Just think of all the good things in the world that could be done with 1 mil bucks! He could have gotten her a several thousand dollar ring and it still would have been big and impressive and he would have had money left over to buy the house! Spending money at that rate won’t leave leam much for very long. How stupid!

  4. When a diamond rock is that big it almost looks like a cubic zirconia. I bought a 5 carat solitaire cubic zirconia for $10 and I bet I could fool the la-te-da rich with it.

    Reta is right; stars are mostly selfish and think only of themselves.

  5. I would be thrilled to have a gorgeous ring like that one, way to go hilary you deserve it! you seem like a nice girl that finally got her prince charming and the deep pockets never hurt anyone.

  6. Hilary desrves it. She has worked hard for her money and has maintained a positive image for young girls her age. She is not one of those typical Hollywood Celeb-u-Twits that people are usually accustomed to(Paris Hilton ring a bell anyone?). Keep up your classy style Ms. Duff. You Rock!!!!!!!!

  7. Everyone has different taste and it is OK for Hillary to have a million dollar ring. If the guy is making that much and wants to buy it, its his right. We do not live in a communist country afterall. If I make enough to buy something I want, I will and stars have that same right too (but on a much bigger scale–lucky them).

  8. americans must feel “SMALL” indeed.
    ………..A FUN-FAIR-SALE?

  9. She needs some Lee press-on nails. Bold colors just don’t look good on short, stubby nails no matter how good the manicure.

  10. Congrats to the happy couple!!
    I am all for love and happiness,but just a little bit of un-asked for advice,please stop placing a price tag on your relationship by letter the world know the price of your car,the price of your engagement ring,and the price range of your future home.You are both “blessed” to have high-profile careers that pays well,and that is a good thing,but we do not need to know the cost of every gift that is going to be presented.The old adage is,you cannot put a price on love,and that is what you are doing by itemizing everything that your beloved offers to you.Enjoy your happiness, and I will be looking for pictures of the wedding,
    without the price tag included!!

  11. I have to wonder about the timing of all this …A week after Nicole and Joel announce they are getting married well lookie here so is Hilary hmmm… obsessed much Hilary?

  12. I wish she hadn’t had so much surgery on her face, but she seems like a nice girl who keeps her underwear on and stays out of the trashy limelight. I wish her well and hope she has a happy and long term marriage.

  13. Hah, “celeb-u-twits,” I’ll have to remember that one;-)

    I’ll leave aside the issues of comparative substance and just add that dark-coloured nail polish never looks good on short fingers, in my opinion.

    And why, oh why, did she get all that surgery and stop eating? She doesn’t look terrible now, but she used to be so much cuter!

  14. obligatory post-script: of course, she has the right to do what she wants with her own body (and I, and everyone else in the world, have the right to have an opinion about it;-)

  15. It never ceases to amaze me the choices these people make. Nothing good comes out of Beverly Hills. Let me tell you what will happen:

    He goes to Edmonton to play, make money.

    She starts to feel lonely in LA LA land, will start complaining about the separation.

    She will worry about the sports hoochie mamas hitting on her guy and actually scoring.

    In a typical male mode, he will question his choice, oh no not another whiner.

    Once in a while travel, OK. To travel consistently to reconnect will get old fast, not a good thing for a young marriage.

    Many of these players no matter how well intended fall into the trappings of women (the one they marry and the ones that want to screw them). Hillary is pretty but she ain’t all that.

    Athletes should remain single until they are done playing the field (no pun intended) then settle down. Kobe, Alex, Tiger, shall I go on, all married way too early.

    Good luck guys but I’m calling Vegas for the line on this one.

    PS: About the ring, they could have gotten a ring that looks just like that for a lot less. But you know, the fact that they did this tells me they have the need to impress each other and us and some growing up is still needed.

  16. Guys who buy expensive rings like that have no game. It’s just a down payment on the divorce.

  17. Expenses& Publicity,No Dime Store Courtship!
    Reminds me of the sixties,days of the Burtons
    Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton,we were informed of The Diamonds,The Homes and Hotels,
    The Yachts.The Two Marriages That Did Not Last.Richard Burton claimed that when he and Elizabeth broke up,that he was down to his last million,even through they were making a million a film,and a percentage of the gross.
    Back to the”now”generation,Hillary and Mike are a young and attractive couple, and if he has it and wants to flaunt it for Hillary,I say go for it, enjoy your fame and fortune!!!

  18. When he goes off traveling to play, you can bet there will be bimbos all over him, and they don’t give one flip if he is hitched. $$$$ is the key word, baby. Little Mikey will have to have a strong constitution to stand up to all the groupies and temptations on the road.

  19. Leroy of Las Vegas. Now that’s some dude to make a real nice ring. Remember that when you want a ring made up. Just go to Vegas, and ask anybody where you can find Leroy. Lots of fingers will be pointing the way.

  20. :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    WE LOVE YOU 2!

    *That ring makes me want to fall in love :)*

    -Pleasent Dreams

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