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We’re not big fans of Ryan O’Neal so we were delighted when Farrah Fawcett’s will became public and she ignored Ryan completely and left $100,000 to her “college sweetheart” Greg Lott. Greg was a football star and Farrah was a freshman at the University of Texas when they met. Eventually she ran off to Hollywood and married Lee Majors. Farrah and Greg reunited in their later years and she gave him the rights to sell Farrah posters and merchandise and run her fan web site. In college they had spent a romantic spring break together in Acapulco and in 2000, Farrah and Greg reenacted that vacation. In THIS INTERVIEW Greg says Redmond lived with is father (whom Farrah never married) from the age of 12 on – hardly a decent influence. When she became bedridden, jealous Ryan had Greg banned from phoning or visiting. Greg complained, but no one paid much attention until this detail from Farrah’s will indicated her true relationship with Greg.


  1. Greg was a football star and Farrah was a freshman at the University of Texas when they met.

    Probably the love of her life. She seems to have missed him over the years.

  2. Ryan is a miserable piece of human flesh and all his kids have suffered under his influence. Farrah should have left him years ago, but I think she was somewhat afraid of him and what he would do if she left him. Hooray, that he got no $$$.

  3. Greg is so much more handsome than Ryan. Why didn’t she look him up and tell Ryan to take a walk. Staying with Ryan only hurt Redmond and drove him deepr into drugs, as it was reported he did drugs with his dad. At least she got him where it hurt him most-he was counting on being in the will.

  4. Too bad she couldn’t be w/ him during her final months. Seems like a really good guy — and someone who she should have stuck w/!

  5. ……..this is strange?
    pffffffffffff, WHAT AN ASSHOLE, folks!!

  6. Farrah was an ambitious young girl who dumped her college BF because she was looking for something better. Whether it was Hollywood, Lee Majors, Ryan O’Neal, fame, fortune. Between loves, she always had the chance to go back to Lott. And, when things finally did get awful, she turned to him. But Farrah’s estate was large, and $100K is kind of a token amount–what she might have left to someone she was fond of, not the love of her life.

  7. Farrah gave Greg the rights to her photos, so he came out all right by her.

  8. Ryan O’Neal was always a jerk.
    Farrah never should have had a relationship with him.
    Greg Lott was meant for her.

    George Vreeland Hill

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